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Christmas is just two weeks away from us, so I have planned to have a get-together of all schoolfellows. In this way, we will be able to have fun and cherish memories. Let’s go forward and welcome to meet it. Let’s sow seeds of love in our hearts for God and his creation. Let’s revive the moments we have spent in the sweet bosom of each other. Let’s move through nostalgic memories of the past with acclamation and glorification on our lips.


Hello sweetheart, hope your happiness will get doubled after this message. Let’s be ready for fun. I want you to be my partner on this valentine’s day. So, let’s dance having each other in arms, and be an exemplary couple that everyone desires to be. Let’s behold each other by kissing all night. Let’s make it the best memory of life. Let’s have a fantastic night in which we will capture our best moments. Get yourself prepared to go through the best moment of your life.


Dear Charla, hope you find this message in good health. As you know that we all remain busy in our daily monotonous routine and don’t find a minute to spend time together. This weekend, I have planned a movie night at my place where all my cousins will be gathered. In this way, we will be able to have a fun night full of laughter, jokes, and sweet memories. I have informed Sylvia and Elizabeth too and they were very excited to receive my message. Make yourself prepared for this night. I am eagerly waiting to see you all.


Dear employees, I am Alexander Bede, HR of the Human Resources Department. This message is to let you know that on 20th November we have arranged an annual dinner for the employees of XYZ Organization. This dinner provides us a chance to have a break from our work life and we get to know each other in person. Let’s make this dinner mesmerizing with your cherishing presence. There will be surprising and fun games and I am sure you will enjoy the event. Kindly inform priorly, if anyone amongst you is not coming due to some reasons.


Hello Lydia, I just got to know that you are a fantastic football player. Let’s have matched this Friday and sweet talk. Let’s spend some time together to have fun. Let’s be my best partner. Let’s hold each other arms and make love. Tell me your plans accordingly. I will be happy to receive a positive response from you.


Eugene told me yesterday that you are coming to Manchester this Monday. I got very happy after knowing this. We have been very good friends for a long time so let’s meet and have fun. I am inviting you to my place for a lavishing dinner where we will watch a movie too and will spend the whole night talking to each other and discussing plans. I’m sure we are going to have great fun. Cannot wait to see you next week.


We are back with very exciting news for you all. ABC Group of Industries is going to celebrate its silver jubilee on 22nd December. We have arranged a grand party in this regard where you are cordially invited. We have sent invitations to other officials too and they all will grace the event with their valuable presence. There will be a musical night, interesting games, and a bonfire too. Let’s meet to have fun and bless us with your worthy prayers. Your presence will be highly appreciated.


Dear Jane, hope you will be fine. I know you are angry with me for not giving you proper time and attention because of my burdensome routine. I am sorry for hurting you and not making myself available for you. I am writing this message to let you know that I am going to Niagara Falls for seven days and you will accompany me during this time. I have got our tickets booked and we will leave on 12th February for our trip. I hope that you will be happy with this decision and your anger will vanish away. We will try to make these days the best days of our life and will enjoy at our best. Let’s have fun together and enjoy the beauty of nature. I will come tomorrow to pick you up for shopping and after that, we will have candlelight dinner, so please make yourself free before 6 pm.

Let's have fun message

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