Let’s Party on Christmas Messages


Dear Batik, hope things are good on your side. It has been years now since we have seen each other. I have come back from New York after studies so I want to celebrate this year’s Christmas with you. I have arranged a party in this regard at my place to which you are invited cordially. As we are meeting after a long, so it will be great fun. Maries and Eliza are also coming and I do not want to listen to any excuse from you. Waiting to see you soon at the party. Merry Christmas, Batik.


Hope you are having a productive week. This message is to let you know about the Christmas party hosted by ABC Institution. Christmas brings with it a lot of enjoyment and fills the air with jubilation and exultation. The party is going to take place on [mention date]. You are impetrated to cohere the red and white theme. We organize the party to release your work burden and to provide you with mental relaxation. There will be a variety of food and dance competitions for your entertainment. This is a light-hearted and jovial event for all of us and we carry our weight by giving holidays enliven to our employees. I request you to please come to the party and add more colors to our happiness.


Dear students, please be informed that on account of Christmas the college is hosting a Christmas party. You are allowed to bring your parents and friends to the event and have great fun together. There is no particular dress code for the party; you are allowed to wear any dress of your choice. Any student who wants to help the management of his own volition will be eminently comprehended. You are not allowed to abuse anyone and be a source of disrespect; if any one of you is caught doing so then he will be immediately thrown out from the party. Hope you all will have great holidays. Merry Christmas to you!


I hope you are rejoicing in great health. As you know well Christmas is in the offing and the atmosphere is already amalgamated with contentment and cheerfulness. This is the beauty of Christmas and it brings freshness to withered flowers. I am here to say that the organization has held a party on [mention date] where you all are allowed to come. the organization has decided to have a more friendly interaction with its workers. it will be a lavish event and you have an exuberant time over there.


My dear staff members, please hold your hearts to listen to this very exciting news as ABC Enterprises will have a huge celebration of Christmas this year. To secure an eminent position and to celebrate our huge success the company has decided to throw a party. You are part of us so we cannot think f celebrating it without your presence. This party is also a special tribute to hardworking staff for their dedication and commitment towards work. You can bring your partners along with you to enjoy the auspicious event. For your entertainment, mouth-watering food will be served. You can get your entry card from the help desk and for more assistance; our contact person is always ready to assist you.


This message is to announce the party news that the company is organizing on its premises on account of Christmas. There are multiple motives for the party as we found it suitable to give a token of love to our employees. They work all day long with passion and zealousness and arranging such functions increases their morale and keeps their spirits high. Such functions also allow knowing deeply about each other and help in good interaction. Please stick to the dress code selected for the party and be part of our happiness.


I am here to share with you all very exciting news. As you know well that Christmas and like always the organization will celebrate it on a huge scale. We all remain busy with busy work schedules and in the hustle, we do not find time to have fun. Christmas party is a great opportunity for all of you to spend quality time with your colleagues. The awards will also be given to hard-working and honest employees and all of you will get surprise gifts. To get your name entered in the list, you are directed to contact Mr. Smith. Your presence at the party will be highly appreciated.

Let's party on Christmas message

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