Lunch Invitation Messages


On behalf of my entire team, I am inviting you to the lunch party that is being held on 12th March 20XX at Mercury’s ground. I am throwing this party to celebrate the big success of the organization and moving on to welcome invigorating and new things. Due to your efforts and continuous hard work, we become able to manage all the affairs in a systematic way. No one can be a better guest than you to enhance the beauty of the evening. I am hopeful that you will consider my invitation so that we celebrate the company’s triumph and success together. Under your leadership, we will continue to get more success.


Hello Madam, I hope you have been doing great. I am writing this message to invite you to a dinner party so may we be able to shed light on some important issues that our management is facing. This is going to be held at 3:00 pm in Mighty Hotel, Manchester. And please let me know if you can make it to reach at a time or not so may I clinch your reservation.


On behalf of ABC Group of Enterprises, I am inviting you along with your associate to a lunch party hosted by Mr. Dagwood on our organization’s rooftop located in Manchester, street 34. Soon we are going to be together as partners having the same goals. Before working together as a partner, I want that we should know deep about each other. In this way, we will also be able to discuss all the plans related to our future business. You can confirm your presence by calling Mr. Hamilton before 13th March. Thanks a bunch once again and I hope you will grace the event with your presence.


Hi, it has been a long time we have met each other. It would be a great pleasure to have you at the lunch this weekend. There is the christening of my daughter as well as my wedding anniversary so I would be glad if you join us at this precious moment.


I am throwing an exuberant party on 8th March. I amiably invite you and your husband to share your precious time with us. It will really be a great blessing for us to have you at our place. I hope that you will find time from your busy schedule.


Hi, hope you have been doing great. Would you be kind enough to find some hours for me from your busy schedule so may we have lunch together this Sunday. I have to share many things with you as I am going to start a new business and I need your suggestions to start up my business.


Hello all, I am Michael Sundry, the principal of ABC school. I am writing this message to invite all of you to the annual awards ceremony for position holder students. The parents whose children have got positions will join us at lunch after the award ceremony. It would be a great pleasure for all of us to have you with us.


I am cordially inviting you to the lunch party in honor of ABC Company’s big success on 13th April at Royalton Restaurant. It would be a great honor for me if you join us at this exuberant event. Please let me know in response to this message if you are attending or not so may we finalize our arrangements. Looking forward to having your presence at the party.


Hello Linda, hope you have been doing great. I want to have you this Sunday at the lunch party to celebrate my birthday at my place. I have invited some of my close friends as it has been a long time we have met. We will make beautiful memories by spending a great time with each other. The theme for the party is red and black, so please do not forget to come.


The spring season is around the corner and flowers are in their full bloom. I have arranged a great lunch party to welcome the spring season and you are cordially invited to it. Please join us on 15th April at 2:00 pm.


Dear Matilda, I am throwing a lunch party for my daughter’s baby shower and you are invited along with your daughter to join us. There is going to be great fun there. Please come and give us the chance to serve you.


We cannot imagine our friends getting together without your presence. You are the vivacity and warmth of the party, and I cannot wait for you to be with us on 13th February. I will really get annoyed if you miss the event. Having your presence at the party will be a great honor for me and I am looking forward to making wonderful memories together.


It might be a little impertinent and audacious to encompass a date when you are arranging a lunch only for your employer. The best thing would be to ask you about the date when you will be available. Please let me know when you can come between 1st ten days of March. I will wait to get a positive reply from you.


Hello Jane, hope you are doing well. It has been ages since we have gotten together. For this purpose, I have arranged a lunch party at my place this Sunday. It was a much-needed party as we all need a break from our busy schedule to relax our minds. I have sent invitations to other friends too and they all are very happy. I hope you will not disappoint me and will join us at the party. Looking forward to meeting you.

Lunch invitation message

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