Thanksgiving Day Invitation Messages

To employee

Dear employees, please take this message as an invitation to a thanksgiving party held by the company. You share a very special bond with us, and we are lucky to have you as our part. To give more strength to this relationship, I am cordially inviting you to the thanksgiving dinner I have arranged at my place on 22nd November. The company needs a hardworking and enthusiastic employee like you, and you all have an equal share in its growth. Please grace the occasion with your special coming and share some beautiful moments with us. Hoping to have long terms with you!

To mentor

Respected Sir, hope you find my message in a jovial mood. You have always been my favorite mentor and I owe you for all the efforts and enthusiasm you put into your lectures and in making me a good human being. For Thanksgiving Day, I arranged a small party at my place and invited some of the best people of my life. Being my favorite mentor, it will be a great honor for me to have you as my guest. I hope you will grace the event with your presence.

To colleagues

With the help of this message, I want to let you know how much you mean to me, and I adore you as my colleague. You guided me in every possible way and made my survival easy in the company. I learned the art of time management and handling work pressure from you. Having you around me gives me goosebumps that I have someone whom I can trust easily and who can share my all sorrows. I always found you by my side in the tough days of my life. I have arranged a Thanksgiving Day party in the backyard of my house, and I am inviting you to attend the party. It will add more colors to joy if you attend it. Hoping to have a good time with you.

To client

Hope you are having a great holiday and enjoying your business trip. This message serves to have your presence at the dinner organized on account of Thanksgiving Day. We are on good business terms for the past ten years and I want to prolong these terms for a long. We will have a great opportunity to know more about each other in person. My business could not have been getting flourished without your cooperation. I hope you will accept the invitation and will grant me the opportunity to serve you. The party will be organized at the main hall of the office and there are many more surprises waiting for you.

To professor

Because of Thanksgiving Day, I am arranging a small feast at my place and have invited all of my best teachers in life. I am indebted to you for the kind support you always extended and made yourself available all the time whenever I approached you. I would be highly obliged to you if you attend this feast. This will be a little token of love from my side to express my gratitude for your kind efforts and for making me differentiate between good and bad. I could not have got the level of success I am at without you. You are an ocean of knowledge and I always learned something new from you. I hope you will accept my invitation.

To team

Thanksgiving Day is coming, and everyone wants to celebrate it with those who keep important in their lives. To thank its team for its endeavors and continuous support, the organization has agreed to celebrate this day with its team and has organized a dinner in this regard. We could never make it without having a hardworking and efficient team. The party will be held at Main Boulevard Street, 117. I want to see all of you at the party and we will have great fun together.

To boss

Every year Thanksgiving Day brings along with it a bountiful elbow room to be beholden and indebted to those who make tireless efforts to make our lives brighter. This day is another way of saying thanks to those who are the apple of our eyes. Dear Sir, I am indebted to you for making me a new person. Before coming here, I had little knowledge about customer support, and you worked extra hard to make me an expert in dealing with customer queries. to take on board your honesty and veracity, I am inviting you to the Thanksgiving dinner and I hope that with your presence the event will be very joyful.

To teacher

Respected Madam, I am feeling honored to write this message to you as I am inviting you to the Thanksgiving lunch party. I have arranged it to say thanks to all those people who are very dear to me, and I feel nothing without them. I always feel privileged to be your student and you always treated me like your daughter. Whether it is a class lesson or a life problem, I always found you at my back. You will forever be my favorite teacher. Please accept the invitation and give me the chance of hospitality.

To work-team

Each organization is run with the support of its hard-working team who work day and night to take it to the heights of success. I am John Maxton, COO of ABC Organization, writing this message to invite my work team to a special Thanksgiving party as this year I will celebrate this day with the people who are very close to my heart. For this reason, all of you are invited to the dinner party that will be hosted by me and will be held on the company’s ground floor. Looking forward to having your presence there.

To manager

Dear Sir, hope you have been doing great. Kindly take this message as an invitation to the Thanksgiving dinner I have arranged in Rexon Hall, Street, 8, Stanthorpe. I have learned great managerial skills from you, and you always lend a great helping hand to me. I feel privileged to work under your supervision. I am hopeful you will consider my invitation. Thanking in advance.

Thanksgiving Day invitation Message

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