Thanksgiving Day Invitation to Family & Coworkers


Thanksgiving Day is not only about eating and hanging out with family but it is an event that is celebrated with valuable persons in our lives apart from family. Keeping its tradition maintained, ABC Organization is arranging a big event on account of Thanksgiving Day and is inviting cordially all its employees that play a vital role in the company’s progress. It was not possible without the dedication of hardworking employees. Kindly accept the invitation and be there on time at 6 pm on the company’s ground floor.


Dear Steward, hope you are going to be excited after listening to this news. As you know well, the past few years have been really tough for the whole world due to the breakdown of covid-19. It swallowed all the happiness and affected millions of people’s lives. Thanksgiving Day reminds us each year to stay optimistic and to be there for our loved ones. We are organizing a Thanksgiving dinner and I am inviting you along with your family to be a part of our annual Thanksgiving dinner. There will be a lot of fun activities and surprises for you and we will be very contented to have your presence with us. We want to make the event memorable as always. Looking forward to seeing you.


Hello dear employees, we are here again with a big surprise for all of you. We are throwing a big annual dinner party on account of Thanksgiving Day and we will be delighted to have you as our guests. This day marks celebrating with loved ones and bringing smiles to their faces. Moreover, you will also get access to our newly launched product where the first 50 buyers will get flat 50% off. You can collect your pass from the accounts office and only pass holders will be allowed to enter the hall.


Hello John, hope you have been doing great. This message is a reminder to let you know the value of our loving bond and I adore your friendship. It was always blissful for me to have a friend like my brother with whom I can put all my trust. To revive the spirit of our friendship, I am inviting you to the Thanksgiving lunch at my place where I have invited some of the special people in my life. My happiness will be doubled if you attend the event.


the success of a company is solely depending on the tireless efforts of its energetic workers. It is through the continuous endeavors of employees that we can stand on our own feet. This message is a reminder to let all of you know that you mean so much to us and for this reason, we are inviting you to the Thanksgiving dinner. It will be held on the weekend as you all will be free then without having the burden of work. Looking graciously to seeing you all at the dinner.


This year I have decided to celebrate Thanksgiving Day with my best cousin and for this reason, I have made arrangements for the dinner to which you are cordially invited. You are one of the few persons in my life who always extended a helping hand to me whenever I was in need of it. Please take this message as an emblem of love for always being a nice person. Having you by my side always protected me and gave me comfort. Please accept the invitation and do attend the dinner.


Dear Liza, hope everything is going well on your side. With this message, I want to extend my warm gratitude for your endless support to me in my time of need. You always listened to me calmly and unflappably. You are the gift from God that was chosen especially for me. I adore each moment of life spent with you. as you know that coming Friday is Thanksgiving Day and I want you to come to my place for Thanksgiving dinner. Moreover, there is a weekend next so I will not go back home. You will spend the weekend with me and I have made all arrangements for our amusement. I hope you will come early than the said time and will add colors to my joy.

Thanksgiving invitation message to family and coworkers

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