Secret Santa Messages for Boyfriend

This is that time of the year when we play hide and seek
I will drop you a Christmas present at your door and run,
while you chase me and have some fun!

A gift for you, my secret love
who I see everyone above,
I am shouting with joy and glee
Because my bae has not yet seen me

Just like every year, you are getting this present from your secret Santa. Don’t waste your time chasing me; just enjoy the gifts you receive from me.

Seeing a smile on your face encourages me to send you presents being your secret Santa.

I already imagine a grin on your face seeing your passionate secret Santa keeping the tradition of sending you Christmas presents every year.

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Getting a surprise Christmas present is fun, right? Let me add more to it. Now keep wondering who you on has their mind on this special day.

I could hear your heart begging me to tell you who I am. But guess what? I will not for I only live for that unique smile on your face when you see your Secret Santa presents.

Nope! You cannot bait me with your beautiful grin to reveal who your secret Santa is.

Merry Christmas, and here, have some cookies too! I know you are wondering, but no, I won’t tell you who!

Your secret Santa has been at your home, dropping some surprises!

Jiggles, who is there? Is that Santa secretly dropping some presents below my Christmas tree?

What did you say? Do you want to know who your secret Santa is? Well, I am not going to blurt out my name and spoil this fun game!

Happy Holidays! One day you will see that it’s only me! Till then, let us keep playing hide and seek!

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Who am I hoping at this time to appear? None but my secret Santa, who is quite dear.

I want to lift your spirits high, so I am dropping your present nearby! Happy Holidays Dear!

I am and will always be your secret admirer.

One day, you will learn who your Secret Santa is, but, for now, you will only learn what your gift is!

Oh, you wish to know who I am, but I am already up at the North pole!

I will drop your present and swiftly go, for I know you wanna know!

I am not the ordinary Santa delivering presents to everyone. I bring gifts only for you!

Everyone has secrets, and so do I. Happy Holiday my dear!

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Doesn’t Christmas become a lot more interesting with our secret relationship?

Let’s make things spicier again! Have a present from your secret Santa.

You can’t know who I am because I come to like the whisper of Christmas wind, pass by dropping your present and leave more swiftly!

This Christmas, I want you to know that someone’s wishing it to be the best day of your life!

Don’t take guesses; just smile and say thank you to your secret Santa!

What did you say? Do you want to thank me for the present? Your smile is the biggest thank you note I will ever receive.

I have decided not to sign your card, just think of me as an admirer from afar!

Okay, I will reveal my identity if you show me your smile in large quantity. I am the person previously known as Secret Santa!

I will one day give you a surprise and see your beautiful wide eyes! Till then, Happy Holidays, dear!

Secret Santa message for boyfriend