Backyard Party Invitation Messages


I am hereby writing this message to invite you to the backyard birthday party of my daughter as she is turning 4 now. This party will be held in Johannesburg near ABC Club Street, 45. To share this effervescent moment with we are much pleased to invite you along with your family. There will be drinks, wonderful prizes, puzzle games, and food. We have selected pink and blue as the theme color.

This is the best time to have an interaction with your family and friends and it will leave an everlasting impact on your mind. Your presence will be highly appreciated. For your convenience, I have attached the table reservation and I hope you will corroborate your appearance soon, hence I will be able to make final arrangements. Kindly let me know too if you want to have any special meal. I hope that you will increase the function’s dexterity with your presence.


I am Stella Mark and delighted to invite you and your family to the business party on account of the realization of five triumphant years of the company. I am giving you an invitation on the behalf of ABC Company. It will be really delightful for us to have your presence at the party and we will commemorate the company’s achievements together. As no indoor parties are allowed so we have arranged it at Brooklyn, Street 78, WAS 457888. The starting time of the party will be 7 pm. kindly grace the event with your presence.


Hello George, this message is being written to you to have your participation at my engagement party. I heartedly want you and your family to attend this event which is scheduled for the 13th of this month. The venue selected for this purpose is George Paul Restaurant’s outdoor hall in Manchester, street 786. We have been on good terms for ages and I want you to celebrate the party with us and grace the occasion with your presence. The dress code will be formal and of white color.

This invitation is for you and your family and makes sure your attendance is a little earlier so may I be able to reserve tables in good time. You can contact me in case of queries via email or my number. I hope that you will join us and I am looking forward to a positive response from you.


Hope that you have been doing well. I have something exciting to tell you. As you know my birthday is around the corner so I want your presence at a birthday party that will be held in Manchester Hall, street 10 on 3rd August 2021 at 8:00 pm. I have invited all my old friends to the party and we have been best friends for the past ten years.

Do come and bring your family too and I do not want to listen to any withholding and expect you to be there before time. This will be a golden opportunity for all of us to spend quality time with each other after a long time. Moreover, there be your favorite meal on the menu.


You all will be pleased to know that I have been selected as head of the department in ABC College for establishing a good attendance maintenance record and bringing the college’s name to the top five colleges of the town. For this purpose, I have arranged a backyard party for my near and dear ones on 17th January 20XX and I request all of you to attend this party. Kindly join me in my celebrations at 6:00 pm on the said date and grace the occasion with your valuable presence.


It is a moment of great pleasure to invite all of you to the successful completion of the organization’s fifteen years. The company has reached the level of success only because of your hard work and dedication towards work. It was impossible without your collaboration. So, to celebrate this success I have arranged a backyard party for you and your participation is compulsory in it. Thank you.

Backyard party invitation message

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