Convocation Invitation Messages Samples

Dear graduates of session 2014-2018, you are cordially invited to come to receive your transcripts at the convocation of The University of Leicester. The program will be held in James Ethans Convocation Hall. We are looking forward to the brilliant students coming and celebrate with us.

Dear students, your convocation of the undergrad and grad program is going to be held on Thursday; Sept 22nd, 2022. Make sure you have your form filled and submitted at the admin office. If not, you won’t be given the degree. Kindly, do so before the deadline of Sept. 20th, 20XX. We are awaiting your presence at the convocation.

Congrats to the graduates of the year 2021. To celebrate your success and ensure your future by getting your hands on the well-deserved certificates and degrees, the University of Calgary invites you to the Julie Solihull City Hall. Remember to bring your passes. If you don’t have the entry permit or pass, you can get it from the Admin Office today. Remember, the early bird gets the worm, we have coffee and cookies for the award holders.

To celebrate your success in getting a degree at California University, please submit form D-201 to the administrator. You will be provided with the graduation gown and an entry pass. Please remember to bring the pass at the convocation ceremony for entry. CONGRATS GRADS!

This message is for the grads and undergrad students of the session 2016-2020. A convocation is going to be held on 30th September 20XX. The day is Thursday, and we hope to see you all there at 8:00 A.M sharp. Congrats on your amazing achievement. Surely, we were lucky that you were all the shining students at the University of Calgary, Alberta. We hope you continue shining with us! See you!

To the students of Alberta Engineering and Sciences Academy, we congratulate you all for your success in your academic year 2017-2021. It was one hell of a rollercoaster ride we know, because of the pandemic. But here we are celebrating your success by holding a convocation that we cordially invite you to. Please come on time and bring your passes to enter.

Time: 2:30 PM
Venue: Sourish Hall, Academic Sciences Department.

For any inquiry about your certificate/degree please contact Mr. Michael Moor at the administrator office.

Dear students, on behalf of the teachers, workers and the whole staff, CONGRATULATIONS on your success. You may come and collect your degrees and awards at the convocation on October 12th,20XX. We hope to see you all succeed in whatever field you choose next. Be sure to bring your record receipt along with the other important documents and ceremony gowns provided by the university. If you haven’t still received your graduation gown, send me an email at: [EMAIL].

For any further inquiries, please call [X].

Head of Department; Michael Morris.

Congratulation’s grads! We are excited to announce that you have all successfully graduated from Pentagon University. To receive your convocation gown to come to the convocation, please contact Miss Amanda Harris at the admin department. Be sure to present her the required documents to make the process easy. We welcome you in advance to the convocation, which is going to be held on Oct 1st, 20XX.

Convocation invitation message

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