Thank You Message to Boss for Gift


Dear boss, I would like to take this opportunity to extend my heartiest thankfulness to you for the gift you gave me last night. My family also loved it and my wife has already put it on our book shelf as an exquisite piece of decor.


Dear Mark, I cannot thank you enough for the baseball game tickets you got me as a present. I always wanted to see a baseball match in Birmingham but never got the budget to do so. I am over the moon now as I would be able to enjoy a live match with my wife.


Respected boss, it is my utmost pleasure that you have gifted me the $50 Amazon gift card. I honestly needed to buy some things but as I am on a budget this month, I could not materialize my needs. Thanks to you, now I will be able to fulfill my needs without any stress.


Respected Lisa, with a delighted heart, I would like to express my gratitude to you for gifting me an M&S gift card. I am truly amazed and overjoyed to receive such a valuable gift. The best part is, that I needed to get myself a jacket but couldn’t do so as my family expenditures have not been allowing me to. I am grateful that with your gift card, now I can get a good jacket that can keep me warm for this winter.


Dear Madam, please accept my note of appreciation for the present you gave me today. I was not expecting such a thoughtful gift from you as you are not obliged to do so. However, I am very excited to use this perfume every day to work now. I hope it will strengthen our work relationship further.


Dear boss, no words can do justice to the feelings I have for you right now over the present you gave me yesterday. I was able to open it just today and to my surprise, it is precisely the thing I needed right now. Thank you for giving me a one-day spa card to relax and enjoy my holiday the most.


Dear boss, you have no idea how much thankful I am to you for this thoughtful piece of home decor you have given me. My wife is also quite happy with it and we have hung it already on our living room wall. Thank you for this thoughtful present!


Dear boss, I would like to thank you for the amazing presentation you gave me today. Please know that I and my family are quite excited to use it as our everyday tea mixture. Please allow me to also tell you that you have great taste!


Dear boss, please receive this message as my formal note of gratitude for the birthday present you gave me yesterday. It was quite thoughtful of you to remember my special day. Thank you for making my big day even more special.

Thank you message to boss for gift