Employee Appreciation Day messages


Hello George, kindly take this message as an appreciation note for your exuberant performance in the company throughout the year. Your managerial skills helped the organization a lot in achieving its set targets. The way you led the team in accomplishing the construction project was mind-blowing. I cannot thank you enough for your contribution to benefitting the company. your efforts will always be appreciated, and you will be remembered as an astounding and valuable person. I on the behalf of my company and its employees want to thank you and wait for your future endeavors in taking the company to a new level.


On Employee Appreciation Day, I want to pay my gratitude to you for performing well in accomplishing the tasks. I know the bad time you went through this year and in spite of this, it did not put an impact on your work quality. The employees like you are an asset to any company. I remember the time when the company was passing through a financial crisis and deducted 50% salary of the employees for two months and you did not make a complaint while others were ready to leave their jobs. You have stood by the company through its bad times and now when it has reached heights of success then it would be unfair to forget your contributions. Thank you for being a faithful and enthusiastic employee.


I am writing this message to pay warm gratitude to you for your wonderful execution of the newly launched product of our company. You worked extra hours to edit the catalog, handbills, and manual which clearly shows your proficiency, competence, and faithfulness to the organization. You alleviated all my tensions by keeping your side projects on hold and if you did not done so it was impossible to achieve. I am truly indebted to you for your kindness.


Hope you receive this message in a pleasant mood. This message is an appreciation note based on your amazing skills and magnificent performance you demonstrated as team lead and amazed all of us with your expertise. I had this fear that you do not have an experience as a team lead so to hand over all responsibilities to you will defame us, but you proved me wrong. This was definitely a big task but you performed extraordinarily and took the project to a greater new level. Your skillfulness in handling unanticipated provocations and collaborating with all team members was really impressive. All this has unveiled your hidden potential and skills. You are no doubt a gem for the organization and it will always remember your services.


Dear Stephan, please take this message as an admiring note for your bewildering performance in our meeting with ABC Organization on [mention date]. I was really impressed by your performance as the deadline had not been given yet but the way you detailed all the concepts won everyone’s hearts. Your efforts are marvelous as you worked extra hours and finished the project on time; the company was definitely in need of such incredible skills. With your performance, a positive image of the company has emerged, where employees are efficient and experienced. I am sending you a small appreciation gift along with this message and I hope that you will love it.


With this message, I am gratifying you for entertaining guests at the event arranged on [mention date]. You worked hard in providing presenters with their relevant material and serving libation to the guests. All the arrangements made from sitting plan to electronic equipment were appreciable. Your efforts were appreciated by all the guests and it made me proud that you are a part of our organization. All this could not have been possible without your mindfulness and thought-provoking ideas.


Dear Matilda, I have become a big fan of yours after seeing your charismatic performance at the school’s annual sports gala event. You know well that we were given short notice to make all the arrangements and due to heavy rainfall this year, it was a difficult task to make the ground ready for playing. Hats off to you for organizing a small team in this regard and working extra hours daily to make this event possible. No one can guess that it is the same playground that was drowned. Students were also very happy as it was a relief period for them and its credit goes to you. I feel proud that my school has such talented and hard-working teachers who leave no stone unturned in making me feel proud.

Employee Appreciation Day messages