Thankyou Note to Boss for Team Lunch


Bundle of thanks to you for bringing up a scrumptious and mouthwatering meal last night. This gave all of us a great opportunity to have a better understanding of all staff members. In this way, I was also got introduced to one of the best restaurants in the town. Before last night, I never had thought to get a meal from there. I appreciate your efforts in treating your employees well and letting all of us know about your other side. Thank you so much for the team lunch and for your endeavors to make the environment of the workplace great fun.


This message serves to send you a thank you note for the outstanding team lunch and fantabulous leadership. Everything was very delicious and relishing. This lunch has left everlasting memories in my mind and has made me realize that I am an essential and valuable part of your organization. It brightened my mood that from your busy schedule you found time for your employees. It was a great experience to speak one on one with you. Thank you so much for the great hospitality and lavishing food. I am sure everyone else has the same feeling. It was really a fantastic job on your behalf.


Having different varieties of food on the lunch table comes in one of those things that trigger a team. You have really done a great job in this regard. We are very thankful to be bestowed with a boss who knows well how to get the best from his employees. Thanks a lot for making time out and taking us all for scrumptious lunch. This notion has brightened my day and elevated my mood as I was not expecting this surprise. I appreciate that you realize the endeavors of your employees and it provided me the opportunity to know much about you over lunch.


Thank you sir for the amazing team lunch. It was great to get to know about your current activities. It gave us the opportunity to know your other side as well. The lunch was fantastic and thank you so much for taking great care of us. It was a pleasant surprise and I loved learning more about you and your family. I had never tasted such amazing food before, and I was really mesmerized by the different food varieties and sweet dishes. I feel contributed and am recognized to be a valuable part of your organization.


I feel very honored and delighted that you took us all out for a team lunch. I was not expecting this surprise as after having a horrible and tedious day, going out for team lunch elevated me up. Words cannot thank enough how much I am glad to be a part of your valuable organization. I am very gratified to have you as my mentor. I am thankful that you considered me capable to inculcate me into your schedule. it was a great time spent in your kind company and we discussed various topics apart from work routine. It delighted me to have your thoughts on global warming and philosophy. Thank you once again for the amazing lunch.


I am gladdened you took us out for an amazing team lunch after a tiresome work routine. Having team lunch is great fun as it gives us an insight into each other. I am ecstatic to be promoted to project manager. I enjoyed a lot in listening to your climbing adventures and tours to different continents. I really liked your life journey and it motivated me a lot to work with more efficiency and enthusiasm. I am looking forward to meeting new challenges ahead in my career.


Many thanks to you for the delicious and fantastic lunch. It is lovely to have employers who really care for their employees. You made me surprised by promoting me to area manager as I was not expecting it at all. I have learned very important life lessons in this short meeting. I enjoyed a lot laughing and gossiping with you all. I really appreciate your endeavors in this regard. I cannot thank you enough for all this. Having employers like you is the best thing one can imagine. I will forever remain indebted to you for your kindness and loving nature.

Thank you note to boss for team lunch