Thank you Messages for Accepting the Proposal


Dear boss, please accept this message as my formal thank you for accepting my proposal for the upcoming project for the Sales department. Keeping up with my previous record, I will try my best to outdo my own standards and excel once again. Thank you for giving me another opportunity to make you proud!


Dear Mike, I am writing this message in my official capacity to pay my gratitude to Big Pharma for accepting my proposal for the tender you advertised on Huffington Post on [DATE] related to the university building project. I, as the CEO of Yellow Bricks, assure you that this will be the best work experience you will have in your professional tenure.


Dear boss, this is Elizabeth Benjamin writing to extend my heartiest gratitude to you for approving my proposal for the project with our oldest client company Evington Real Estates. I have previously executed two projects with this company, and I assure you that this one will completely seal our business partnership with them taking it to another height.


Dear Madam, I appreciate your approval of my proposal for the media advertisement with the Fox Group. Given my expertise in media management, I will make you proud with the contribution I am about to make to take this company to a new height in media.


Dear Ma’am, I cannot thank you enough for accepting my proposal. I vow to never disappoint you and keep up with being a loyal and dedicated employee of this company.


Dear boss, I am writing to express my excitement about getting my proposal approved. This is the highest area of interest to me, and I believe with my dedication and keenness to the topic, I will craft the best content for the upcoming publication and vitalize the publishing house once again.


Dear John, I am writing this message to thank you for the project you have approved. I had given my sweat and blood to prepare this proposal and promise to do it again while executing it. Thank you for letting me work on the topic I love from the depth of my heart.


Dear sir, you have no idea how thrilled I am to hear my project has been approved by you. I cannot wait to start working on this project as I had already made arrangements to make it successful like my previous ones. Thank you for allowing me to do something great for the company!


Dear supervisor, please accept this message as my formal note of gratitude for accepting my proposal. I just want you to know that I will give my one hundred percent to this project and further strengthen the relationship with our client company. Regards, Alisha.


Dear manager, this is Kate Wellington from the HR department writing to appreciate you for approving my recent research proposal. I hope with this project I will be able to bring forth a new strategy for the company’s growth.

Thank you message for accepting the proposal