Retirement Thank you Messages to Boss


I want to pay my gratitude to you for being a splendid and sumptuous boss. As my retirement is around the corner so I am really grateful that I have had the privilege of being your employee for the past ten years. It has always been a wonderful experience working for you. I feel felicitous that I got the opportunity to be part of your wonderful team having similar goals and work ethic. It all made me feel my retirement very easy. I am also really opportune for adaptability I was being provided whenever I was in need of it either to take off time for my sick daughter or when my family needed me. I felt much contented by the party organized by my colleagues on my retirement. Bundle of thanks to you for giving me the chance to bid farewell to colleagues in an exuberant way. I want to request you to please stay in touch with me.


Respected Sir, I cannot thank you enough for being an exuberant and delightful boss to me for the past twelve years and I want to let you know with the help of this message how much all these years meant to me. Your continuous support and guidance have remained instrumental to me in bringing of professional and personal growth. Although my retirement time has come, I want you to know that I will carry proudly in my next professional life what I have learned during my tenure here. You are a personification of hard work, buoyancy, and optimism. Thank you for stimulating us each day.


As my retirement is about to start in two weeks so I would like to squeeze out my admiration, indebtedness, and gratitude to you for being a splendid mentor. Your management adroitness, unfeigned concern, and sense of humor for your employees have made working in your organization a pleasurable experience. You incarnated in me personal and professional skills that proved a great helping hand for me as well as for the organization. With your counseling and enlightenment, the company will touch skies heights. I have not planned to remain free after my retirement and I am looking forward to indulging myself in healthy activities. I make this certain that I will come to meet you off and on to keep myself updated about the ongoing scenario. Thanks a lot for making my retirement a wonderful experience of my life and making it valuable for me.


I have been a part of your enterprise for the past fifteen years and became able to learn many great things under your supervision. Starting from coordinating customers to getting prepared for group meetings your endeavors are hard to be put in words. No words can adequately describe the attainments you have earned by indulging yourself in absolute hard work in each task. Your rendered service in the organization has added much esteem to its success in the long run. It is difficult to find honest and hardworking employers like you. With your sincere prayers, I am going to enter a new phase of my life, and I will try spending it following your footpaths. I am very overwhelmed after receiving a warm farewell from XYZ Organization and I will really miss working with you. Thanks a lot for adding much warmth and enthusiasm to us as our leaders.


After serving in ABC Organization for fifteen years I am jumping in retirement phase of my life, and I am really exhilarated about it. But before this I want to let you know that I will miss you every day. I got the chance to serve under your leadership and learnt many valuable things that will add much on professional front. I came to know about building strong relationship with clients with your guidance and your dedication and professional empathy towards executing each task has granted immensely in building blocks of employer and customers relationship in the organization.

Your matchless potentiality and experience to in reassuring customers has really helped in becoming forerunner in sales and merchandising effort for the past twenty years. I learnt the way of carrying positive attitude towards employees, senior and junior staff in the organization from you. I will immensely miss spending time with you from singing to jokes. I want to end on good terms with you after getting retired. I give the credit of my all success to you as without you I could not think of getting progressed and developed. I want your great wishes on my last few days of journey here in the organization.


As this is my last day in the organization so I am writing it heavily with tears in my eyes. Although it is not easy to part ways with you, I would like to thank you for making me competent enough to tackle difficult tasks easily in my professional as well as personal life. Having you as my mentor was a great pleasure for me! Your hard work and devotion will be missed by me for many years to come. You have set a great example for all of us by showing great expertise and experience during all these years. Your endeavors and achievements will continue to galvanize me forever. Now I am proceeding towards retirement so I would like to pay my gratitude to you for always being a wonderful being and being there for me whenever I need it.

Retirement Thank you Messages to Boss

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