Thank You Message for New Job


Dear Ali, I am writing this message in my formal capacity to thank you for this job you have given me. I promise you that with my dedication and performance, I will prove to be the best employee of this company and never disappoint you. Cheers to the many upcoming years of success in this business!


Dear boss, please accept this message as my formal appreciation note for hiring me for this new job. I am overjoyed as I have always wanted to work in this role since it’s an area of my interest and was my major in college too. Through my hard work and diligence, I will prove to you that you were not wrong with your decision.


Dear Mark, this is an appreciation message to acknowledge the favor you have given me by hiring me for this job. It was a dream to work for you in this role and I believe I am privileged to have my dream come true. You will never be disappointed in me or regret your decision I promise.


Dear Madam, this is Alexander from the HR department writing to thank you for assigning me this new role. I have been wanting to move to this department for a long as I felt like my abilities could be tested better here. I vow to you that I will never let you down with my performance but make you satisfied with your decision.


Dear boss, I cannot thank you enough for allowing me this new job that I always wanted. Now it is my turn to make you proud with my performance and diligence to this company. I am aware of the new responsibilities assigned to me and promise you that I will fulfill them with due diligence.


Respected Ariana, please accept this message as I write in my new official capacity as project lead in the finance department. I cannot thank you enough for allowing me to work in this position which I long aspired for. I hope this will bring out the best in my abilities to expand the business. I assure you that I will never let you down.


Respected Brian, no words are enough to express the gratitude I have in my heart right now over the new job position you have assigned me. This position has always been my dream and finally, it has materialized because of you. I cannot thank you enough for considering me competent enough for this role. I understand it is now my moral duty to live up to your expectations and I will try my best.


Dear Niza, I would like to take this opportunity to extend my heartiest gratitude to you for this new position you have appointed me for. I would also like you to know that I will do everything in my capacity to materialize the expectations this role has of me and not let you down.

Thank you message for new job