Thank You Message to Employees for Hard work during COVID


Dear employees, we at Tesco reckon the gravity of COVID-19 on your everyday life. You exhibited great spirits and stuck to your professionalism tight during this troublesome time. We truly appreciate the sincerity and hard work you’ve done in the past year. Together, we shall regain the energy and spirit we lost during the last year. Please keep your heads up!


Dear team, on behalf of Sainsbury we would like to extend our appreciation to all of you for bearing the brunt of Covid-19 with us. Together, we served the community with our 24/7 services for providing them with the necessities of life and we truly believe we would not have done it without you. So please accept our heartiest gratitude and don’t let this new wave of the pandemic discourage you.


Mates! What an exciting year it has been despite the pandemic. Understandably, the virus brought challenges for us all but under the guise of it, it united us all as well. This message is a note of such a similar display of unity and hard work you all exerted as a family. We would like to pay our gratitude to you all for this.


Respectful employees, please accept this message as a formal note of appreciation from the CEO directly to all of you for showing such selfless vigor and dedication during this time of crisis. To show you how grateful the company is, the CEO has decided to award a free Amazon voucher of $20 to all of you. Let’s promise to keep expanding the company business with the same zeal.


Dear all, The City Lawyers would like to extend its employees a cordial tribute of gratitude. We have silently been watching you for a year now and we reckon your dedication and commitment to the company. You have been the voice of the voiceless in this crisis through your commitment to our clients and keeping your record, we would like to offer you a small token of appreciation in the form of a $10 Kohl’s gift card. We hope you will outlive your own standard.


My great Metro family, we have always been like a family here at Metro and during Covid-19, you have proven you are no less than the immediate blood relations. Your selfless efforts and dedication to keep the company from bankruptcy at a time when all the businesses fell made us proud of you. Therefore, we would love to celebrate your hard work through this formal note of thank you and one day’s salary. Please keep up the good work!


Dearest Lidl family, it is exciting to provide us another opportunity to pay our homage to you all for serving us with such efficiency. We would not have made it to one of the leading businesses in such a crisis if it was not for your hard work. Please know that we are truly grateful to you all for this. To show our joy, we are distributing $20 worth of shopping from our store from whichever section you may like. Please keep it going with the same energy!

Thank You Message to Employees for Hard work during COVID

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