Salary Delay Message to Boss


This message serves to ask for my due salary for the current month that has not been transferred to my account. I am Jennifer Max, working as a marketing executive and till date I have never come across this problem. I contacted Mr. John to look into the matter but he did not give a satisfactory answer. Moreover, I had accomplished the assigned tasks of the previous month on time and there is no solid reason for this delay. I do not have any business and run my household expenses with this amount so it is becoming difficult for me to manage things. I have attached my last month’s pay slip and ID card copy with this message. For further clarification, you can contact me at any time.


I am Charles Seth and last month I have joined this institute as a security guard. This message is to bring to your notice that I have not received my first salary yet. In the joining letter, it was mentioned that my account will be credited on a fixed date every month. But I am very heartrending to let you know that I had not been paid yet. I visited the accounts department and there met Mr. George who handles these affairs but he referred me to you. Therefore, it is my request to you to check it yourself and make my issue resolved. I will be very thankful to you for your kindness.


Dear Sir, I am teaching as a Linguistics teacher in your college and writing this message to bring to your notice that I have not received my current month’s salary. It was written in your policy’s booklet that on the 4th of every month we will get our salary. It has already been 10 days late and nothing has been done in this regard. I am not sure whether it is a technical fault or some policy concern. I live in a rented house and my landlord is visiting me daily to ask for the payment and I feel embarrassed each time I face him. I request you to kindly investigate the matter and try to find out the root cause of the problem. I hope that you will take immediate action on my request.


This is to inform you that I have not received my salary for last month and despite making several visits to sort out the issue nothing has been done in this regard. It is your responsibility to keep an eye check on this matter and punish the concerned persons who cause the delay in our salary. I had tried to meet you to talk about it but you were busy in a meeting so I am sending this message to let you know about the matter. I am already passing through a financial crisis, and it would be a great favor for me if you find time to help me to solve this issue.


This was indeed great news for me that I have been awarded a bonus salary on the basis of my last six month’s performance. I received a confirmation email too but I am sorry to inform you that it has not been transferred to my account. I had no work due over me and this impediment is from the administration office. Therefore, I request you to direct the accounts office to transfer my salary to my account and please do it as soon as possible. My wife’s surgery is getting late due to not submitting dues timely and it can cause her severe health problems. Kindly let me know the documents you need for further verification. I hope you will ponder over my request.


This message has been written to ask about the delay in salary. Usually, the pay arrives on the 5th of every month but it’s been the 12th today and the salary is still due. All other colleagues have been given the salaries and it is clear negligence from the accounts department. To inquire about the matter I have made several visits to the accounts department but they sent me back that they want a letter of clearance from Mr. Smith after which they will issue my salary. As far as I know, all my dues are cleared and I make a request to please solve this problem so may I get my salary. I request you to kindly do something in this regard and please let me know when this issue would be resolved. Need your immediate help and I hope you will fully cooperate with me.

Salary delay message to boss