Not to Cut off My Salary Messages to HR


Dear sir, I am writing this message to request you not to cut off my salary. I reckon I have taken an unpaid leave this week but trust me there was no way I could avoid that. My mother was severely ill, and I had to rush her to the emergency out of nowhere. I had no assistance either as my siblings reside in other cities. I’d be much obliged to you if you could understand my situation and not deduct my salary.


Dear HR manager, I am aware that the penalty for taking an unnotified half-leave yesterday is a salary deduction but please allow me to explain the reason why I did so. My daughter’s principal called from her school asking me to visit her immediately or else she would expel her as my daughter was involved in a fight. I didn’t even have the time to go through the protocol of applying for half-day leave as it’s quite a time consuming and my daughter was at the risk of being expelled. I request you to please understand my story and not cut off my salary. I’d much appreciate your cooperation.


Dear Ifra, please accept this message as my official request to not deduct my two-day salary since I was absent for two days without any prior notification. I was hospitalized after a serious accident. Much of my blood was drained and hence my family was busy arranging for blood bags for me, they couldn’t inform you of my absence. Please accept my apology for the inconvenience I caused but things were not in my control. I request you to please reconsider your decision in light of my explanation.


Dear Elizabeth, I beg to say that I was unwell due to which I didn’t come to the office. I was experiencing a sore throat and fever so my doctor suggested I take bedrest for a day so I could fully recover. I request you to not cut off my salary for something beyond my control. I will make it up to you with overtime this weekend. Your cooperation is appreciated.


Dear Mark, please accept this message as my formal request to not deduct my salary as per the company policy for being late consecutively for three days. My residential area is under construction hence it takes me a long time to get to work. I have been staying after the official hours to make it up to you hence I don’t deserve a penalty. I hope you will recognize my sense of responsibility and not deduct my salary as punishment.


Dear Ifra, I’d like to take this opportunity to request you to not cut off my salary for my irresponsible behavior which ensued in project failure. You are aware of my performance record; this has never happened before and I assure you it will never happen again. I just appeal to you to not deduct my salary as I already have a lot of financial duties at home.

Not to cut off my salary message to HR