Apology Messages for Unprofessional Behavior


I am feeling remorse in writing this message because of behaving unprofessionally. I always remain dutiful to my work and could never think of defaming the company’s name which I am part of. My unethical attitude cannot be justified at all but there was a reason behind this sudden outburst.

I am passing through severe depression and trying my best to come out of it. Moreover, work stress and depression made me unable to focus on work properly. All these things were the basic cause of my behaving improperly. My mental condition was not stable to attend the launching ceremony of our new product and I am sorry for all the fuss I created and made the organization let down. I deserve severe punishment for my actions, but I request you to please give me a favor by forgiving me. I did not do it intentionally. I hope that you will consider my apology and I will not repeat such actions in the future.


Please take this message as my sincere apology for not completing the deadline timely. I know that you got really frustrated with this unprofessional attitude. I am wholly responsible for making it delay and apologetic for this. I was preventing myself, again and again, to not let this happen. I assure you that next, I will meet all the deadlines on time. In case, I face some problem, I will let you know beforehand so you may make adjustments for it. I hope that you will forgive me for this incident.


I am writing this message to seek an apology for my behavior unprofessionally. I am admitting my mistake and am remorseful over this. I was having a lot of financial pressure over me, and it disturbed my mental peace, all these things resulted in the form of anger and my changed attitude. Saying sorry is not enough as I cannot compensate for the words, I uttered that day. I am expecting forgiveness from you, and I hope that you will forgive me this time. I am ready to accept any kind of penalty you will suggest for me.


The purpose of writing this message is known to you as I am seeking an apology for my bad behavior. I was passing through one of the toughest phases of my life as I could not bear the trauma of the passing of my younger daughter. I was not in my senses when I talked ruthlessly, and I did not want all this to happen. You care for the mental as well as physical health of your employees and I hope that this message will provide you with enough reason for my behaving badly. I am immensely apologetic for using bad words. I assure you that I will not repeat such behavior again.


Kindly take this message as an apology note for my behavior over a trivial thing. I know that this attitude was not acceptable at all and for this I am sorry. I had never ever thought to hurt you and I am all ready to make up for this. I had some serious problems running in my household and due to this, I could not focus on anything. My professional behavior was not intentional, it all happened so suddenly that I could not control myself. I hope you will understand my mental situation and will forgive me for this.


Hope you have been doing great. I am writing this message to submit my sincere apology for treating badly with customers. I know this was totally unprofessional and I need to behave politely. I will not repeat the act again. I hope you will forgive me for this.

Apology message for unprofessional behavior

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