Request Message to Boss to Work from Home


I would like to request you give me permission of working online from home as I am having gestational issues. I have been bedridden as per the doctor’s recommendation and cannot travel but only in case of urgency. I know that female employee are granted maternity leave near their expected delivery time but my case is very complicated. I am already suffering from pregnancy traumas and health issues and visiting the office daily will not be possible for me at all. I can perform all official tasks well from home. The doctor’s detailed recommendation note is enclosed along with the message. I hope you will approve my request.


This message is an official request to work from home due to family problems. There had been running some severe issues in the family which has made me numbed and gotten on my nerves. I cannot concentrate on work properly in the office as I remain badly stuck in family issues. It is affecting work quality as well and the problem cannot be solved until I take some days off. I can continue working from home till I am on leave. I hope you will understand the intensity of the issue and will give kind consideration to my request.


I am so sorry to inform you that my father has died and I am leaving for Manchester. My family is in utmost shock and I cannot leave them until they come out of this state. I will be on three weeks’ leave and I can continue working from there. Once I come back from Manchester, I will return to the office to resume my duties. I will be highly thankful to you for your cooperation.


With due respect, it is stated that my second trimester is about to end, and I consulted a doctor yesterday for a thorough examination. The doctor has forbidden me to go to work and I will be on bed rest till my delivery date. For this reason, I want to work from home in order to avoid further complications. Please do not fear about work’s standard and I will let you despondent. The letter from the doctor is circumscribed with the message. For further clarification, you can let me know. this favor would be of great help to me, and I hope you will understand my situation.


As you know that I lost my eye during a fire incident, and it is not possible for me to come on a daily basis as I cannot now drive properly. I would like to request you to allow me to work from home for some months till I get fully recovered. I can work more proficiently and will work with full attention. Please do let me know if I can be given permission to work from home and can attend the office only when there is a need. I am waiting for your positive feedback.


Kindly take this message as a request to allow me to work from home due to the rapid increase in dengue virus cases. According to New York Times, hundreds of people have become victims and it is getting uncontrollable. The government has implemented some policies to control its outbreak and has spread awareness messages via different platforms. The best thing to do in such a scenario is a social distancing that will save people’s lives. In these circumstances, it is getting difficult to come to the office on daily basis. Therefore, I request you allow me to work from home. I assure you that it will not put any effect on the work’s quality, and you will not get disappointed.


I hope things are good on your side. I am Joe Max, physical sciences teacher in your college. My father had his open heart surgery done yesterday and has been kept in the intensive care unit. I have to be with him all the time until he gets fully recovered. I cannot afford assistance that can take care of him so it is my responsibility to look out for everything. In this situation, I cannot attend classes but I can take an online class from home. I have talked to Mr. Steward to manage things in this regard and he is agreed. In this way, I can cover the syllabus for the class easily. I hope you will ponder over my request and will cooperate with me.

Request message to boss to work from home