Miss You & Love You Messages for Him

Every so often it happens in the life that we are supposed to live without the person who is most important & isn’t less than a treasure to us. The same has happened to me in your case. I love you like crazy & see you have gone so much far away from me. This distance is killing me. Life has become such a misery without you. Please come back, dear.

It becomes impossible for me to hold back my tears when you are about to depart. After trying hard, I am not able to see light in your eyes as it reminds me of the miles we are going to have in between us. I am sure to an extent that these miles won’t be able to distant our hearts anyway.

I love you from the bottom of my heart. Your company gives me a peep into our future as per we have planned. It is simply amazing & mind-blowing as we share the same likes & dislikes & much more. Your sweet & kind gestures mean a lot to me. I am completely bewitched by every aspect of your personality & looking forward to a life when we will be together forever. Please don’t stay away for long intervals dear. My eyes crave to see you all the time. Don’t let my eyes starve for your glimpse.

I feel accomplished whenever I am with you. The strong & pure feelings of love that I have for you, I never had it before. You make me feel like a queen whenever you are around, this might be a reason why I feel so hollow when we are to be separated from each other even for short periods. It seems to be a terrifying experience to spend time without you. I wish these distances be ended very soon & I may reign in my own world that is your heart as the sole proprietor.

The world seems gloomy & lightless in your absence. It has become extremely difficult for me to keep up with my normal routines without you. Since you are leaving to pace up towards success & progress in order to get a better fortune, I will try to give you the best moral support so that you can put great exertions to make our future brighter.

The way I love you is not what others anticipate love nowadays. My feelings of love are undying for you my dear. With such timeless & pure approaches, I don’t even mind these distances that life is going to behold for us. No matter we are together or separated by the cruelty of time, I will love you like I do or maybe with greater enthusiasm.

My love for you knows no boundaries dear. In the same way, these borders are not going to get any hurdles & obstacles in the way of our love. You always motivated me towards my life goals, now it is my turn & I will surprise you the way I will stand firmly by you to keep you stay motivated & determined to make all of your dreams come true. Love you infinitely.

You have been the biggest inspiration for me, dear. You have got something amazing in your persona that has turned my life completely. You are the reason why I face every bad phase so bravely. Your love & care keeps me going even when I give up on everything. Thank you so much for being highly supportive. I miss you badly all the time. Take best possible care of yourself please! I want you to be back in full charisma as you always are. Love you!

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