Sorry Messages for Her

It is not that I am jealous kind of a person & do not want you to mingle with others. But it is only my inner fear that I do not want to lose the best of all that God has ever blessed me with. I don’t know how & why I behaved in such a way which was insane to you, but I am sorry for whatever you found unpleasant about me. I assure you I will try my best to never behave in a manner that is against mannerism. Please forgive me, my dear love, I will make you feel proud of my mended ways & improved manners. Sorry!

If fate is with me I am sure my apology will melt your heart since you have always been proved as the one who brings luck & fortune on their loved ones. I am sure my lot will again have granted me with my good luck & you will give me one more unplanned chance to prove my true love for you. I am sorry for the mess, but I pledge to fix it in the best possible way. I love you more than anything else in the world. I am so sorry dear!

The very day when I shattered your beliefs regarding love, I am sure I have lost your trust to every extent but on the same hand I have gained something even greater & that is an experience. I have learned that it was the power of your love that always kept me fresh & held me strong in all the times I was feeling extremely down. I am having blended feelings right now, the feelings of thankfulness & the feelings of extreme repentance. I don’t have enough words to thank you for your endless support. Likewise, I don’t have a store of words that can express my grievance for causing you a lot of pain. I am sorry!

When your strength is taken away, you feel infected & weak like trembling & losing conscious. The same thing happened to me in an even worse way. I am realizing my follies for turning arguments into fights over trifles. I want my strength back on any condition even though if I have to wait for the whole of my life for this purpose, I will. I am sorry!

It is said that whatever happens in this world, happens for a reason. I never understood the purpose of the saying better than I did it now when we are not together for a while. The fights I used to loathe a lot have made me realized how precious you are to me. I will put an end to these life-drifting series of fights since I love you more than I ever thought I loved you. I am extremely sorry for everything.

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