Break Up Messages for Her

I never want to keep you away from fulfilling your dreams. I want you to keep on moving towards your dreams without being interrupted at all. I wish you enjoy your life to its fullest. I will always be there for you if you ever need someone to support you or to listen to in your difficult times. You will find me waiting for you right where we left. A very happy goodbye to you to chase your goals!

Goodbyes are never easier to say. The only thing that makes it calmer to bear is the anticipation that one day you will again say a hello to me even scented than you said it the first time. Though you are parting ways with me yet I will be waiting for you to make a comeback. Goodbye dear! May you catch all of your dreams!

Things should not have destined to work like this. I never even imagined having this worst day of my life. It is extremely worrisome for me to see you going away from me. Every step you are taking away is sounding like a hammer in my heart which is making it difficult to breathe & live without you. Goodbye!

I am in a state of misgiving & complaining about my fate for taking my most precious asset away. Things could have worked in a better way if I was lucky enough for that. Perhaps this farewell was never destined to be there but only if I was lucky enough! This is the hardest goodbye of my life.

Without a shadow of a doubt I love you till the date as crazy as I used to, but perhaps loving you now does not mean to stay with you anymore. You have rusted my trust badly with a series of nonstop lies. We were a good couple, loving, caring & making fun all the time. It’s a shame that you could not see the beauty of our love. Goodbye.

You could have been straightforward instead of fantasizing that you loved me. By moving away, I am setting your heart at liberty. It is causing me severe pain though by moving away from you but the agony will be worth it because always faked loving me. Goodbye!

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