Miss You & Love You Messages for Her

You are the one who shares my sorrows, wipes away my tears & gives me solace the best possible way I need it. You also share many joyous moments with me, my laughter & multiple moments of mocking at others. Now you are going away from me to earn your desires & accomplish your goals. I wish you all the best of luck. I will miss you so badly while passing from the streets we used to pass together hands in hands. All the beautiful memories are going to haunt me as the most beautiful dream I have ever had. Love you!

You are many miles away from me right now. Your absence kills me often & at that time I just close my eyes & command my brain to bring out the best of our memories. I sit in the same posture for hours to relish the sweet retentions we made together. I miss you with every passing moment. You are the lady of my dreams. I want to spend my whole life with you. I never thought to manifest my feelings like this, but I am left with no other option. I never thought we could be parted this way suddenly. I want you to know that I love you & miss you more than ever now. I am waiting for your affirmative reply in keenness.

In this wide world, there is nothing worse than being separated from the one you consider your life. Time makes no difference. Separation is separation somehow. It feels as if you were moving in a jammed street by holding the hand of your only known person, and suddenly you get to know that you are left in the world of strangers to survive all by yourself as perchance or mistakenly you have lost that person. On parting from you, trust me, dear, I am encountering the same feelings in the worst way. I want to let you know how much I miss you. Please come back soon so that my period of a grievance may have a full stop.

It is in literal words heartbreaking to keep away from your loved ones. Love is the only affiliation that makes you smile even when you are sitting all alone. It keeps you motivated with your end when you don’t have an eloquent speaker with you. My dear love, your sweet, loving & caring nature turned our bond into the strongest & healthiest one that is unshakable. I wish this period of split-up trims as soon as possible so that I get my lucky days back in your shape.

You always ignored my imperfections & appreciated my perfections at its best. You made me a totally different person from what I used to be. I came to meet my own better version just because of your dogged efforts. Now fate has decided to test our love in its own way, but I pledge you that I will never let you down. Our love will know only one phenomenon; growing more & purer day after day. Love you to infinite.

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