Thinking of You Messages

Your memories mean the world to me. Thinking of you gives me energy that keeps me going through the moments when I feel extremely exhausted & frustrated. You are like a bright morning to me after a very dark & scary night & same are your memories which make me smile & feel happy even after many intervals of grumbles & sufferings. It makes me feel accomplished as long as I am thinking of you.

Thinking of you gives me the utmost joy that is quite hard to bring out in the form of words to express the height & the intensity of my love for you. But without a shadow of a doubt, you mean all in all to me & I do not even want to imagine a single moment to be spent without you. I never expected that someone will become my lifeline that I won’t be able to consider myself without. This very moment is pleasure some for me as it is occupied with your charming commemorations to be relished!

If there comes a moment when you are sitting alone, doing some work or feeling down & suddenly you feel a slight smile on your lips without being aware of it; do anticipate that at that very moment I am smiling too by calling our beautiful memories of our closeness. Love is the most beautiful & healing power in the world which can turn white into black & black into white. Our love for each other is incredible that is what I miss the most all the time we are away even for a while or so. Right now I am smiling & on scrutinizing my inner self I came to know that I am thinking of you my love!

At times it feels good to be away from your loved ones as it gives you the real insight of your relationship & tells you how important you are to someone & vice versa. I have been experiencing it for quite some time & dare says that I just cannot live without you. Since you are away from my sight but this way you have occupied my mind & memories wholly solely. It makes me feel that you have become the worthiest person in my life. Thinking of you with every passing second & seeing forward to meet you as soon as probable to open my heart to you the best of all possible ways!

Being far away in person does not make much difference as long as the thoughts stay together for each other. I could never even imagine the fact till the time we never had to be far away from each other. But now the phenomenon is taking up my mind like crazy that you are not here right now but still you are everywhere in my recollections & thoughts.

I love you more than I used to love you in the past but the way your memories are haunting me all the time I am sure I will be the craziest lover over the course of time. I want to love you more than I ever did with every strike of the clock. Thinking of you keeps me energetic to complete all my other tasks as soon as I can so that I may come to you without wasting another moment. I love you more than anything else in the world. I want to tell you that your thoughts are swaying my mind at this very moment!

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