Flirty Good Night Messages for Crush


With immense affection, I heartedly pray that you have splendid dreams about angels and heavens and sleep peacefully. I wish to have you beside me right now and miss you immensely, so I am going to dream about the most enchanting and mesmerizing girl and it is none other than you. You are my darling sweetheart. Sending goodnight wishes to you.


Hello sweetheart, hope you are reading this message in an exuberant mood. My love for you is so pure that it is enhancing with each passing day. I remain in the cage of your thoughts and it does not allow me to think about any other thing. I pray to Jesus to make ways for us to be together as my life is incomplete without you. In your arms, I want to spend the rest of my life. Have a splendid night my charming prince.


Hello Smith, there is not a single moment in my life when I don’t miss you. You are my other half and complete me. I cannot imagine my life without you. I want to hold you tightly beside me while sleeping. Each time I close my eyes your thought prevails in my mind. I want to be with you forever so please come to quench my thirst. Have a fantastic night with a splendid dream. Goodnight love.


Sending a lot of goodnight kisses and warm cuddles your way. I am missing you a lot right now and I am hopeful that we will have a romantic date tonight in our dreams. My day and night start with your thought in mind. This message is just a reminder for you that you are the world to me and we are meant to be forever. Goodnight sweetheart and always stay blessed.


Each time I behold a beautiful thing, it reminds me of you. With your love and care, I sleep every night. I cannot describe my feelings for you in words as it is unfathomable. I do not wish for anything as I have found everything after having you in my life. My love for you is increasing day by day and I will be by your side always no matter how hard the situation is. Stay blessed John. Goodnight.


Another night without you and it seems like a century for me. It is becoming difficult for me to live without you and I am waiting for the day when we will be together. I love to the moon and back my sweet love and I know you miss me too. I will sleep tonight considering you besides my arms cuddling, hugging, and kissing. Missing you, Christopher! Have a blessed night.


Charismatic and exquisite persons deserve in their lives lovely and enchanting persons. I have been very lucky in this regard as I have you in my life. I spend my night thinking about you and I don’t want this dream to vanish. Your enthusiastic charisma makes me love you more with every single passing moment. I wish I had a stopwatch so may I stop all those moments when we are together. I miss everything about you. Have sweet dreams.


There is a reason behind everything and from the day you have entered my life I thank God daily for bestowing me with a diamond. My life has been changed totally with your presence and I have become a new person. I have seen many hardships in life and you are the reward of my patience and resilience. Now I am contented that I am going to start a new chapter of my life with you. We will make beautiful memories and will share happiness and sorrows together. I am writing this message with tears in my eyes as you are the most beautiful thing that has happened to me. I pray that you have splendid dreams and never found any worry in your life. Stay blessed my sweetheart. Goodnight Charles.


Hey, the beautiful girl hopes you have been enjoying yourself in the Netherlands and here I am missing your presence around me. These three days are like a century for me and I cannot think of living a single day without you. I am coming to meet you tomorrow and then we will enjoy the holidays together. I am in love with each bit of you and when you are around me, I do not think of anything else. You are my world and I want our bonding to be stronger with each passing moment. You have great healing power that soothes my wounds. I am thankful to you for being the wonderful part of my life. Have a fantastic night, my love.


God has always been benevolent to his creation and I have been very lucky in this regard as he chose you as my life partner and I cannot thank him enough for this favor. You are the wonderful gift of my life that brightens my dark world. I live with your thoughts of you. You are my everything. Having a cup off in my and standing on the terrace while looking towards starry night I wish you were by my side here. Sending lots of hugs and kisses your way, my love. Goodnight my darling Christopher.

Flirty Good Night Messages for Crush

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