Sorry Messages for Him

Be the light of heaven in the form of your forgiveness since I know my lies have been the darkest clouds which covered your life under its worst effects. I know that a mere sorry is not enough to compensate all you had to suffer due to me, but I assure you that if you forgive me once I will never let you down. I will never ever astray you. I seek your pardon, my dear love. Please forgive me. I am extremely sorry for all I did to you.

Since the very first day of this relationship, you have never refused me for a single thing even. You always did what pleased to me without pondering about your own share in it. I implore you to please bestow me with a final courtesy, kindly forgive me for all I did wrong to you. It might not be easy for you but trust me it was not easy for me either to admit my culpability & reveal my feelings of guilt before you. I don’t want to move on in my life after hurting such a sweetheart that you are. I am sorry.

I feel sorry for assaulting you with my mood swings for no good reason. But now since I want to mend my ways & want this relationship to work in the best possible way, so it is the need of the hour to seek your pardon at first place & then make pledges for a very happy & bright future together. I am so sorry my love. I will never let you feel this way ever again. Please forgive me.

I never wanted to break up with you nor did I ever imagine it in my worst nightmare. But you have become quite inflexible & indifferent towards me. It seems as if parting ways is the only thing you want now since I know that the mess I created out of sheer misunderstanding was unbearable. I don’t assume that you will return to me somehow, but I beseech you to provide this chaos some more time. I want to try my best to bring you back & win over you once again. I am so sorry.

I am sorry for all that happened between us. I am craving to put my head on your strongest shoulders to give away all the worries & burdens I am carrying till the date just because I offended you so badly that you never deserved. I yearn to be loved in the craziest way you used to shower the blessings of your love upon me. Whenever I think of the ways you used to make me smile whenever I was sad even a bit, it feels as if the memoir is taking away my soul. I am sorry I cannot live without you & also for not realizing this before; otherwise, the circumstances might never have been the same. You are the best thing that ever happened to me, dear. Please do accept my apology & give me one last chance to prove myself.

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