Break Up Messages for Him

I never imagined that I will be informing you one day to keep away from me but things have been changed completely. The way we parted our ways from each other, both of us have an equal share in it. No one is to be blamed wholly solely. I am afraid that there is no way out other than breaking up with each other & parting our ways forever as it has become impossible to keep up with the ongoing & never-ending toll.

You injured my self-respect & love with duplicity and spoiled my life with dishonesties & misrepresentations. I trusted you blindly & you proved me so. You have always been unresponsive to my appeals & showed a completely indifferent attitude towards my inner yells. As this relation doesn’t have a standing anywhere; it is a better choice to say you good-bye. I will be as indifferent & unresponsive as you have ever been if you give it a single try to make things work again. So, it’s good for you not to waste your time at all.

It is going to hurt me in the worst way to break up with you. I know for you it will be somewhat not that much a big thing to suffer from. You never showed much interest in the relationship otherwise I would never have to make such a mind-blasting decision. Well! What is done can never be undone. So, better take our ways gracefully instead of blaming each other for the demise of this sickening relationship.

I never thought that my approach for you would alter this soon & in such a pathetic way but in the same manner, I never expected that you would also change this way as if loving me was not your choice but you were impelled to do so. Goodbye.

To end up this relationship will hurt me way more than it will hurt you, but it is a must now. The beauty of a relationship lies in love & care & planning the beautiful future. In our scene, the only thing that is left between us is 24\7 fight session that is killing our mental peace equally. The long-continued arguments over trifles have ragged our love bond into pieces. So let’s say a good-bye to each other on this very node without making ground for further arguments.

It is not an easy decision for me to part ways with you but fate definitely has something else in its stock for us. It is the beauty of a relation to be possessive for each other but there is a vast difference between being possessive & being jealous. Your overwhelming feelings of jealousy annihilated the beauty of our relationship. I haven’t given refuge to bad spirits for you in my heart, but I believe it is the right time to move on by saying goodbye to each other.

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