Memorial Day Holiday Messages


This message is to inform all the parents about the Memorial Day Holiday that the schools will remain closed on account of this. ABC School along with its teachers and students pays homage to true and brave heroes of the country. Let us celebrate this day by telling our children about their sacrifices and gallantry. If we are living in a safe world today it is only because of their efforts as they fight with enemies to make a secure and safe future for coming generations. Therefore, it is imperative to let our children know the vital importance of this day. we must pay tribute to all brave martyrs and veterans of our country. On 22nd May the schools will reopen and will follow the same old timings.


This message serves as an official statement for all the workers of ABC Organization about the Memorial Day holiday. In this regard, on Friday there will be a holiday. We as a nation feel proud of having exceptional heroes that sacrifice their lives to save our lives. Let us spend this day remembering the efforts of our courageous soldiers. Their sacrifices are very precious to us and observing the Memorial Day holiday is an emblem of our respect and attribute for our prestigious and respectable servicemen. The office will reopen on 24th May, and I am looking forward to seeing you again working hard after this holiday.


This message aims to inform you about the Memorial Day holiday that will be on 22nd May. All the internal and external merchandising will be closed on this day. To commemorate the true meaning of Memorial Day and to acknowledge the strength, triumphs, and sacrifices of American veterans we are arranging an event in ABC Organization. They all have offered their lives to increase the honor of our country. This is also to put together the fortitude and forbearance of soldiers and heroes that have taken part in the amelioration of the country. On this day, we aim to let them know that they are the true heroes of the country, and we are indebted to them for their usefulness and self-immolation.


We cannot achieve freedom overnight. It requires a lot of sacrifices and blood. Because of Memorial Day, we are giving you a holiday to understand the true meaning of the day. This day is celebrated in memory of those who fought fearlessly and kept their faith high till the last breath. Each year this day comes to remind us to thank them for what they had done for us. We are very fortunate to be surrounded by wonderful soldiers in our country. We are very lucky that we were born Americans and have a vigorous and well-built history. Wishing all of you a Happy Memorial Day!


I am John Carlyle, CEO of ABC Organization. This message is to let you know all about the Memorial Day holiday that will be followed this Friday. We are much honored and blessed to have a vigorous legacy of brave soldiers who were meant to be our real heroes. Let us remember this day by keeping in mind the sacrifices of our heroes who defend the country and keep it safe from outer attacks of enemies. We are much esteemed to be surrounded by brave souls who shed their blood to save the country’s honor. Let us feel proud for having such a wonderful history. Happy Memorial Day to all of you!


As you all know well that Memorial Day is coming so there will be an official holiday on this day. There will be no official dealing and activities that day and the office will remain closed completely. This day reminds us of the struggles and sacrifices of our soldiers and is celebrated in their recognition. Let us never forget the price the country has paid to gain independence. Real heroes always remain in our hearts and never die. They always motivate and inspire us. On this day we should remember the sacrifice of every soldier of the country. I am hopeful that you will enjoy this day by remembering the loyalty and bravery of our soldiers and will pay tribute to them. The company has arranged a small event in this regard to celebrate the true spirit of this day.

Memorial Day holiday message

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