Mental Health Leave of Absence Messages


Dear sir, as you already are aware how the past four months have been super hectic and overwhelming because of the workload and international projects. I had to invest my energies and time to an extent I never knew existed in me before and therefore I am now totally burnt out. I would like to take a leave of at least three days now to restore my mental peace and tranquility so I could work as before. Please allow me paid leaves of 3-5 working days.


Dear boss, I have been working tirelessly on this international project we just completed today and now I would like to take two days off from work as it got overwhelming for me. I am really exhausted and feel I cannot function productivity anymore without proper rest. Please allow me paid leave of two days so I can get back to work efficiently.


Respected madam, please accept this message as my formal application for one day’s leave to restore my mental peace and tranquility as the workload has totally burnt me down. Only if I could get one day off could I perform as efficiently as before.


Dear boss, I had a couple of crazy weeks last month because of my family commitments and the workload from the office also increased. All of this has had a great toll on my mental health because I feel exhausted and depressed all the time. Therefore, it has become essential for me to take a break from work and reclaim my inner peace so I could start working on the new projects. Please allow me some days off from work for that. I’d be obliged.


Dear boss, as per my contract details, I am entitled to have 7 paid leaves for a mental health crisis, and I would like to claim them now. My mental health has deteriorated a lot this last month and it is causing a problem with my productivity too. Henceforth, I believe it is in my and the company’s best interests to take some days off, relax a bit and get back to work even more enthusiastically. Please cooperate with me in this regard by allowing me these leaves.


Boss, I have been feeling depressed and fatigued for the past 7 days and despite all my efforts to ignore it, I am now unable to let it go. I have had a session with my therapist, and she recommends I take some days off from work and have some peace of mind as the workload is contributing to my depression. I reckon the company does not have any policy about this but please allow me some days off from work so I could recollect myself and work towards a more productive and hardworking asset of this business.


Ma’am, I regret to inform you that I am unable to function fully anymore because of the burnout I am experiencing. Before this accumulates and makes me unable to continue my work, I would like to take some days off and cure this problem. Please allow me 3 days off from work so I could regain my energy and get back to work all fresh and ready.

Mental Health Leave of Absence Messages

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