Eid ul Fitr Holiday Announcement Messages


Muslims always celebrate Eid as one of the most auspicious and anticipated festivals and we are blessed to be amongst them. To delight in Eid’s joys and jubilance, gives us immense pleasure to spend this time with our loved ones. This festival gives us the opportunity to make a fiesta splashed with ebullience and merriment. The organization wants its employees to enjoy this occasion at their best and we are delighted to announce the Eid holidays to you. The company has scheduled six-day holidays starting from 23rd August to 28th August. You will be back to work on 1st September. Wish you all a very happy Eid-ul-Fitr.


This message has been written regarding the forthcoming festival of Eid-ul-Fitr on 3rd May 20XX. The company in this regard will follow the holiday plan scheduled by the government. The government has scheduled five days’ holidays for Eid, so the company is following the same. While writing this message I am very delighted as we all will be able to spend precious moments of Eid with our loved ones. The company in this regard has announced to give its employees bonus. Eid time is everyone’s favorite and brings with it lots of delight and merriment. The company on this occasion wishes you all a very happy Eid. Make sure to make the best memories out of it.


This message has been written to announce the Eid-ul-Fitr holidays to you starting from 3rd May. On this auspicious occasion, on the behalf of ABC Company, I wish you all mesmerizing and joyful Eid holidays. Throughout the year, we wait for this period as it is a great source of family gathering and entertainment and a relief from projects and tasks. To make the holidays more pleasurable for you, the company is giving you all $500 as a gift for Eid. Make the best memories from this festivity and spend premier time with your loved ones.


I hope that you all have been working with all your dynamism and eagerness. To give you a break from the monotonous routine, I am writing this message to give you a relief period in form of the Eid holidays. This is the time everyone loves to celebrate with their family and loved ones. Eid is a festival of rejoicing and stimulating connectivity and love bond amongst Muslims. I feel delighted to inform you Eid holidays start from 3rd August 20XX to 7th August, 20XX. I hope that you return to work with new enthusiasm and zeal. Wishing all of you exhilarated gleaming of cheeriness.


I am very excited to announce the favorite period of all of you that is full of merriment, jubilation, and cheeriness. We all look forward to spending this time with our family, friends, and relatives. It is a moment of great pleasure for me to inform all of you about the Eid holidays that have been scheduled from 25th May 20XX. You all will be free from doing any office assignment and project as this period comes to make you feel loosened up and at ease. To add more colors to your happiness, the organization has decided to give you all $300 as an Eid gift. Eid greetings to you in advance.


Eid is a festival of merry-making and jubilance that is celebrated in Muslim countries. After the month of Ramadan, Eid comes as a gift for us, and everyone feels delighted on this occasion. The company cares for its employees and therefore, is announcing seven days of holiday to all of you. Today is your last working day in the office and this notification will be affected from tomorrow. The company is giving $500 to you as bonus gift so you may enjoy the festival at its best. I hope you will be happy with this announcement. There would be no official task and assigned projects during this time. Happy Eid holidays to all of you.


Hope you all have been doing well. I am back to you with exhilarating news of the Eid holidays starting from 23rd May 20XX. The company is giving you five days’ holiday and you will be back to work on 28th May 20XX. Spend this time with your loved ones and make the best memories. There would be a small celebration of the Eid in the organization when you will be back in the office after the holidays. Wishing you and your family a very happy Eid!

Eid ul Fitr holiday announcement message

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