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This message affirms ABC Organization’s closure on account of the Easter holidays. It is the most awaited occasion and everyone fancies spending time with friends and family ensuring pleasure, contentment, and leisure. They want to spend every bit of the moment with excitement and exhilaration. To make your dreams true, we are giving five days off to our employees. During these days, you will be free not to finish any task or to do office work. Once the holidays will be over, you will look into all the pending tasks that need to be addressed. Wish you a good time during these holidays. Take good care of your health and follow all the SOP in order to prevent Covid-19 risk. For those who are planning to travel, we wish them a safe and delightful journey.


I am extremely overjoyed to share all of your good news. You all are excited too and blush while reading this message further. You will be pleased to know that the company has announced the Easter holidays for its employees. All the ongoing projects will be dealt with after you will be back to work. All the meetings and deadlines that were coming during these days will be rescheduled. To treat all of you well on this occasion, you will be given a 20% bonus on your month’s salary. Due to the prevailing situation in the country, the company has decided not to celebrate Easter in the office this year. We wish you a delightful and wonderful Easter permeated with beautiful moments.


It makes me much happy to announce that the time of year has come when we will have the Easter holidays. On this auspicious occasion, I want to convey my warm wishes to you and your family who have been waiting eagerly to spend time with you. The company shall remain closed during the Easter holidays for seven days. We work laboriously throughout the year and this is a most deserving break for you. The company has gained its current success only because of your hard work and dedication. I will miss my coming to the office each day and I am looking forward to seeing you all back in the office. Have a fantastic holiday.


I know you all are in quite a hurry as this message has brought the news of excitement for all of you. You are receiving this message on your last working day in the office as tomorrow you will be Easter holidays. We all wait for this time more than increments and promotions. Being your employer, I wait for it even more eagerly than you. Holidays are the part and parcel of working life and every one amongst us wants to spend quality time outside the four walls of the office. Our family and friends help us in lessening the strain we carry. I want all of you to come back with more energy and interesting stories to share with us. This organization exists only because all of your endeavors and all of you matter to us. Have a great Easter holiday.


This makes me immensely overjoyed to announce to all of you that today is your last working day before the Easter holidays. I am pretty sure you all have made a long list of to-do things for these holidays. You all need to keep aside your workload and stress and enjoy your holidays fully. The company will remain closed for seven days. On this auspicious occasion, I want to convey my warm gratitude to you and your families. They wait for you throughout the year to have quality time together. Wishing all of you happiness, love, and sincere prayers! Return to the office with more enthusiasm and do fun things during these days.


We feel very happy to announce to our employees that the company is getting closed due to the Easter holidays. You all will have ten days of leave and we are hopeful that this long list of holidays will provide our employees with physical and mental power. The company is giving 20% additional salary to its employees as a bonus. This will help you to spend a leisure time with your relatives and family members and you will come back with more productivity and positive energy. We hope that you will be quite satisfied with the company’s decision regarding the Easter holidays.

Easter Holiday Message

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