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Happy Columbus Day to all the people who like to celebrate the fact that we are indeed grateful for Mr. Columbus for giving us all this land of opportunity. Remember! You do not have to agree with the way this land was given, but you need to be thankful for where you are now because of him.


To all the sailors and the soldiers, the admirers of freedom and beauty, the cheerers of opportunities spontaneously grasped, Happy Columbus Day! Let us be thankful for this day and the people who made it happen. We are one strong nation, irrespective of our different races present in the country.


Let us raise a toast and join our hands for gratitude towards the Lord who gave us America. This country has always given us what we wanted. They call it a land of opportunities for a reason. Happy Columbus Day y’all.


Happy Columbus Day! This day is a reminder to us all that any undiscovered piece of land a man sets foot on, can be built into a beautiful jungle of concrete with love, time, gentleness, and efforts. It’s a good day to celebrate Columbus and everything attached to this name.


This day is special to all Americans for the reminder it gives us every year; discover your hidden Columbus. Find opportunities, seize the moment, capture the limits, and buckle up to discover your own potential to create an America of your own.


Columbus is an inspiration to all who want to work hard to achieve their goals but are too afraid of looking different from the rest of the world. Columbus reminds us that nothing is out of our potential and leads. Don’t be afraid to be the cheetah among the lions because cheetahs run faster. Run fast towards your goal and grab your fruits of effort. Happy Columbus Day to all!


From the sailors to the sea, to the moon and the waves, the wind and the beaches, islands and the peaches, all remind us of the glorious Columbus Day. Let us join hands in hands and take a moment to celebrate the fresh air we get to inhale in a free land.


Columbus Day is for all the procrastinators to remind us that you can be an explorer and a navigator and yet discover the amazing lands of the Americas. Do not be afraid of your potential. Use your energy wisely and watch the world remember your name forever! Happy Columbus Day y’all.


Happy Columbus Day! Some might disagree with the actions of Columbus; some might say it wasn’t rightful for him to gain this land forcefully. But we need to remember that everyone lives in peace now. America is full of different races, religions, people, and cultures. Let us all be united today, be grateful for the fresh air, and countless blessings, and focus on the positive side which is now.

Columbus Day message

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