Welcome to Motherhood Messages

Sister, sister! Wait, oh sorry, you’re now a mother. So mother, mother. Welcome to the hood of shudder, shudder, where now you’ll be spending the rest of your life. So, congrats maybe?!

Welcome to motherhood! Here you’ll experience cries and laughter, tears and joys, nappies and well, happiness as well, at the same time.

I wish you and your baby a happy birthday. You are reborn today as a mother, welcome to motherhood. Now there’s a new human to double your tears, I mean happiness.

It feels surreal you’re a mother now! But it feels even more surreal to have a beautiful nephew/niece in my life too. So, thank you for blessing our arms as well.

I’m so happy for you and the little one. Congrats on the birth of your first child. I hope the train of your life loses all the blessings and joys and fills your life with an unlimited amount of success.

So, you’re a mother now! I wish you nothing, but all the happiness and blessings stored in the skies above and the earth below.

One benefit of becoming a mother for the first time is that your baby will exceed your crying voice. So, take the benefit, and cry all you want. 🙂

This baby has already stolen my heart ever since I heard so I can only imagine how exquisite it must be for you.

Congrats on becoming a mommy! Now you can get to smell that newbie fragrance, soft and tiny feet, and baby skin 24/7.  

One Liners…

NAPPY MOTHERHOOD! I mean HAPPY motherhood, Hehe.

Welcome to motherhood. I hope your baby grows up to be your favorite eye candy.

Congrats on becoming a mother. Although it’s not easy, the laughter and cackling will all make it worth it.

Congrats to the baby for getting the best mommy out there.

Wow! you’re a mommy now! Who knew a baby would have a baby herself? Jokes aside, I’m so excited for you.

On this special day, I wish you nothing but all the blessings, joys, and contentment in the world.

May this little baby be the best star in your life and navigate you toward success.

Nothing is as life-changing as having a baby. I hope this baby brings you peace and laughter.

Hey new mama! Take benefit of this newbie and sleep with the baby all you want.

Bippity boppity bop! Your time as a fun person is through, by the clock!

Hello new mommy! Congrats on having a new cuddle buddy for the next 18 years, at least.

Welcome to the hood! I mean mommyhood. Ain’t no gangsta workout here, only sensitive, and protective work.

Can’t believe you’re now in the mommy club! Congrats new mama on your newbie.

With a mother like you, this child will not strive but only thrive in life. I’m proud of you!

You are one strong mommy! Well done! Cannot wait to see the little munchkin.

Welcome to motherhood message

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