Secret Santa Proposal Messages


My dear Monika, hope this message will be a source of merriment to you. As Christmas is around the corner so I found it the best time of the year to propose to you. I am contented to get the opportunity of being your Secret Santa. I have great vehemence for you that is deeply rooted with reverence and laudation. I was feeling nervous to put my feelings in words before you, therefore I propounded this message. I admit that I have not much to present you but one thing I must assure you is that you will have a spectacular future. I will be sitting pretty if you consider my proposal. I want to cross every hurdle of my life having you beside me. I will wait eagerly for your response. Merry Christmas sweetheart!


Hey Nancy, hope you find this message in a jovial mood. I am writing this message in secret to send you a proposal and to your surprise, I will not reveal my identity and you will guess by yourself. I want to tell you that you have a special corner in my heart where no one can reside. on this Christmas, I wish that you be bestowed with all the best things in this universe. The current dark phase of your life has faded your smile, but I am hopeful that you will fight the circumstances with liveliness and enthusiasm. I want to be with you for the rest of my life making every moment worth living. I am inviting you for a dinner date at the ABC banquet where I will propose you live and will make your evening special. I hope you will accept the invitation.


I hope you are having a good day and this message is definitely going to add more colors to your happiness. I am feeling very lucky to be your Secret Santa as it provided me a chance to propose to you. Accept my token of love I have sent your way as this has been sent keeping in view your likes and dislikes. You will be much surprised after reading here and will want me to reveal my name, but I am not going to tell you anything. Currently, for you to know that we are very close to each other and share a special bond. I wanted to come by myself to propose to you but I thought to propose in a unique way. Sending a lot of love your way and wishing you greetings of Christmas. I will call you on Christmas evening till then you have enough time to guess who I am. Merry Christmas to you!


Dear Stella, with the help of this message I want to express the feelings that I had hidden for a long time. First of all, I am sending you Christmas wishes but without disclosing who I am. you might be surprised who this person is but I want you to keep curious till we meet on new year’s evening. I found the best way to propose to you by being your Secret Santa. I always wanted to have a life partner like you and God fulfilled my wish by sending you into my life. I consider you as God’s greatest blessing that has been sent especially for me. You made me understand the true meaning of life. I have sent some gifts your way to show you, my love.


Knock, knock, open the door of your heart and welcome me. I have come with a special message for you and now you will want to know who this person is. I am proposing to you wholeheartedly and want to make you my life partner for eternity. As you know Christmas brings along with it a lot of merriment and magnanimity and I am inviting you to a Christmas date I have arranged especially for you. There will be a lot of amusement and surprise games for you. I have sent a diamond ring and a red maxi for you to wear on Christmas night. It is my unique way of ingraining persuasion and mellifluousness for the love of my life. The venue will be ABC Hall 47, Street 56. Waiting eagerly to meet you on a dinner date.

Secret Santa Proposal Message

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