Retirement Wish Messages for Father


Heartiest felicitations to you on getting retired. Finally, your exhausting work hours have come to an end and now there is time for your fun years to begin. The thought of you recalls all those 40 years of fulfillment, hard work, dedication, commitments, and perpetual responsibilities. It’s not only me who feel the same but also everyone will feel and think in the same way. Today is your last working day and I would really like to eulogize and compliment you on your triumph not only as a hardworking worker but also as a good human being, friend, and father.

You are a role model to me and I would really like to follow in your footsteps. You have always taught me that a job can be a medium of pride too if it is done with intent and purpose instead of just making it a source of income. You always prioritized your office work over other matters and never took unnecessary leave. The way you receive love, respect, and care from family and friends taught me the significance of coherence and rectitude.


Congratulations dad as you are getting retired next week. Now when I look at all those years when you worked hard day and night in upbringing us and fulfilling our basic needs then I really feel proud to be your daughter. As a child, I was not aware how difficult it was for you to look after us as well as doing the job honestly but you did it all. After mother’s death, you did not let us feel for a second to miss mother’s love. You worked all these years to provide us a comfortable life. I really want my husband to be like you and I wish my children follow in your footsteps. Now it’s time for you to relax and doing your favorite activities. Love you dad.


It is difficult for children to acknowledge why their fathers do not like to play with them after coming home from the office. As I am grown up now so I can feel that I did not have an idea then how you managed all this. You provided us luxurious and comfortable life while we always complain that you do not spend time with us and always remain busy with work. Your work schedule was much difficult than my work schedule but I did not hear any discomfort and complaints from you. Negativity remained miles away from you and I was really impressed with your attitude and talking style. Congratulations on your retirement father.


Dear papa, today is your retirement day and I am too glad to hear it. Now I can spend as much time with you as I want. We will have fun now and I will not let you feel like missing your work. To share my happiness, I have arranged a dinner tonight and have invited some of our close family members. Together we will freak out. Mom is very excited to have you all the time at home and I hope that you were also waiting to spend time with us. Have a blessed life ahead papa.


Hello papa, finally it is time now to enjoy life at its fullest as I really missed playing with you. Your professional life has come to an end but it’s time now to have some fun in life. You will be with us now at every moment. Happy retirement papa.


I know papa that you were habitual of working tirelessly over the last three years but now it is time for you to have some fun and relax. I want to see you be happy in your coming life. You have taken care of us through all these years and now it is our time to take care of you and make the environment best at home. I am really excited to spend time with you. It is the beginning of a new phase in our lives and I want you to enjoy it fully. Happy retirement papa.

Retirement Wish Messages for Father

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