Good Health Wish Messages


It was indeed a shocking news for all of us listening about your bad health as you did not let us feel for the moment about gave me some satisfaction that your treatment is going well so we are confident that you will be back to recovery soon. Do not stress yourself during these days thinking about the work. You have very good colleagues in the office that can tackle all of your tasks. Your absence has not created any disruption. I am sending you my warm wishes for speedy recovery.


We are very pleased listening about the news of your good health that you are moving towards recovery. You have always been in my prayers and mind the day I have learn about your bad health. I am eagerly waiting for your turn back to the office but please play do not stress your mind thinking about coming back to the office. The foremost thing that matters is your health, so focus on it. I am waiting for the day when you will be with us in the office. Wishing you good health and life.


I really get astonished when Elizabeth informed me that you have met with a severe car incident while coming towards the office. I am writing this message to acquire about your health and I am sending my warm wishes to you for speedy recovery. I miss your presence and I want you to be in the office with us soon. Everyone in the office is concerned about your good health. Adam will soon visit you and I will accompany him. I have bought Jane’s Austen novel for you to read it as she has been your favorite novelist. If you are interested in reading any other writer, just let me know, I will buy it for you. I want you to stay in the hospital to be as short and as soon as possible.


It really made me worried and distressed listening about your bad health. I want to let you know with the help of this message that you are always in my prayers. I am pretty sure that everyone in the office feels the same for you. Your presence has been greatly missed by me and some other colleagues. I am wishing you good health. Stuart is dealing your unaccomplished tasks very well and he will have all our help whenever he needs. You are always in my heart and mind and I am sending lots of prayers your way. Stay blessed.


I am worried hearing about current situation of your health. I am hopeful that you are taking proper care of your health and following your doctor’s advice carefully. I am really sorry that I couldn’t make it possible to visit you in the hospital. Yet, I am planning to visit you once I get time from my burdensome routine.

I am hopeful that you will come out of this illness very soon, so do not burden yourself at all thinking about the work. You will soon be in your good health. You do not have any need to worry about your unfinished tasks as you are well aware of the fact that Mr. Thompson has been assigned temporarily to handle your work. Once you will be in good health then you will resume your duties. I am looking forward to see you in sound health and spirits. If you need any kind of financial help, then please do not hesitate to let me know about it. I am always there for you.


Dear Alexander, I hope you have been doing well. I am so sorry to learn about your bad health. I am praying to almighty daily for your speedy recovery and wishing you good health as earliest as possible. May you be blessed with strength and courage to combat the illness. Your absence is surely missing by us. But you don’t have to be worried about it and your pending tasks as everything is going alright. Find this time as opportunity to get relaxed and focus only on your health. I am always there for you to provide you all kind of financial support, so, kindly do not hesitate to tell me about any of your problem. I want to see you in good health soon and all other coworkers are also waiting for your come back to the office. Sending my warm wishes your way. Stay blessed.


Dear Stuart, I am sending my positive thoughts your way for your safe and sound recovery. I am hopeful that you are taking proper care of your health. You can spend your time in reading good books and watching some informative movies. Get well soon dear.


Hello James, hope you are in good health now. Yesterday, I came to know about your sick health from Elizabeth and it made me really worried. Kindly consider this message as my sincere wishes and I want to let you know that you are always in my thoughts and prayers. I will surely visit you soon. Get well soon dear.

Good health wish message

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