Funny Good Morning Messages


Life is full of trials and stress. If you want to enjoy a day at its best, then do not dear to get off your bed. Keep sleeping all day until I hear the news of your death. I am just joking, good morning lazy. Let’s welcome this day with full enthusiasm and try our level best to stick up with each other. I really want to kiss you darling but firstly you need to brush your teeth. Have a fantastic day.


I just had a dream in which you and I were spending a great time together and cuddling. Then suddenly with the interference of alarm, I woke up and I am thanking God now for saving me. Good morning my love. Waking up always having your thought in mind refreshes me all day. I know how terribly you are missing me now and waiting for me to text you. You can transform anything into a remarkable one.


Have a sweet lazy morning my lazy girl. I have no charm in my life without you as you are salt to my sugar. The warmth and brightness in my life are only because of you. Jokes apart, but it is impossible for me to spend even a single moment without you. I keep myself refreshed thinking about your smile all day. My love for you cannot be counted in words and cannot be defined by boundaries. I find new reasons each day to love you more impassionate. I just want to say you do not leave me alone at any rate. I want to spend each moment of my life with you making beautiful memories.


So, finally, you woke up from your sleep, but I am pretty sure that in no time you will go back to your bed. I find my day incomplete without remaining in touch with you. Your place can never be replaced with anyone as you have a special corner in my heart. I want to love you more and more with each passing day and want to do it till my last breath. I wish you a sparkling and splendid future. You are my sweet cat and I miss you a lot.


I woke up this morning to send a good morning text to you and now I have planned to go to sleep again. I hope you will wake me up after a few hours. Your thinking provides relief to my sad heart and mind. I can feel your soft hands, sparkling eyes, lips, and rosy hands besides means. I really wish to have you right now besides me. Your presence can be felt around me all the time. As body and soul are cardinals to each other in the same way you mean to me. For living, we need water, food, and nature, in the same way, I want you like my food of love. I have always found you generous and kind and I love this attitude of yours. Have a splendid morning my darling.


Hello, good morning my lazy pie. It has been three months now I have not seen your ghostly face. It was very difficult for me to spend this time without you but somehow, I managed. I want to hold and cuddle you in my arms for the rest of my life and I wish time to stop here. The only reason for my existence is you and I love you like a mad Boy. My love for you is very pure and it cannot be fathomed.


Hello, the queen of my heart. Please leave the bed as it will be tiring to have you on it all night, so please give it some free time. Welcome the day have a beautiful smile on your lips and have an amazing day ahead of you. Welcome this beautiful morning by doing healthy activities.


It is a very exciting day for me as we are going to meet at 4:00 pm full. before the meeting, I want to let you know to please do not come by putting heavy makeup on your face so may I not recognize you. I really miss you and each day without you was like a year to me. Wake up and welcome this most beautiful day. The moment that has been spent in your cherishing company is always important to me end I wish time to be stopped when I have you beside me. Now, I can proudly say your mine. I keep praying for you all the time. May all worries be removed from your life, and we have a fabulous and fantastic life together.


My intention for the quintessential and absolute morning is to open my eyes, turn over, and go back to sleep again. Wishing you a joyous and fantastic time. Good morning my sweet friend.


Hello Elizabeth, have a great morning. I was thinking about you while getting dressed up that you are a very perfect fit and support. You are my huge strength and support system.


Good morning my best friend forever. Have I mentioned this thing to you that you are the only person in my life with whom I can go anywhere and have late-night chats? So, congratulations to you as you mean everything to me.


Good morning, my sweet panda. So, I woke up this morning with this beautiful endearment for you. Friends come and go in your life, but the true ones always remain stick to you. Thanks a lot for being the most beautiful thing in my life.

Funny good morning message

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