Pay Your Fee on Time Messages to Parents


Dear parents, it is hereby notified to you submit the remaining fee for your child Mike Arthur (Grade 6, Section Science) before 00-00-0000. The school has previously sent you a letter in this regard which you ignored. Failure to comply will result in disciplinary action against your child. Thank you!


Dear parents, please receive this message as a reminder to pay the term fee of your child Rose Alexander (grade 10th) by the deadline 00-00-0000 so she could continue her school with no disruption. After the deadline, she will no longer be able to sit in the classroom. We hope you understand the gravity of the situation and follow the instructions.


Dear Tom and Sara, I am writing this message to remind you of paying your daughter Yi’s monthly installment as agreed by her admission contract before 4:00 pm 00-00-0000. We are afraid if you do not comply with this, she will not be allowed to sit in the classroom and continue her studies until all the dues are clear.


Dear Wei and Zhang, I am writing this message on the behalf of the school principal to remind you of your son Eric’s fee submission as the deadline has already approached. It is advised to you clear the dues before any additional charges are assigned. I appreciate your cooperation.


Dear parents, I am notified by my finance team that you have still not submitted your son’s fee dues even though the deadline is today at 5:00 pm. I am sure you are aware of the additional cost you will have to pay as a penalty for submitting a late fee. Kindly pay the dues to avoid any kind of inconvenience.


Dear parents, it is a gentle reminder to comply with the fee submission deadline for your daughter Eva Richmond to avoid any kind of surplus costs. Failing to do so will only cause you inconvenience and we do not want it to happen to you. We will appreciate your cooperation in this regard.


Dear parents, the deadline for your Children’s school fees is expiring today. We urge you to prioritize paying the dues today so no disciplinary action is taken against your kids which is inconvenient for all the stakeholders.


Respected parents, it is hereby warned to you to pay your children’s fee before the deadline 5 pm 00-00-000 as we have already extended the deadline three times. We are afraid after this deadline passes; we will not be able to accommodate you in any way possible.


Dear parents, please receive this message as the final reminder to pay your daughter Katie Mark’s remaining dues of installment 2 before the deadline expires. The school has a strict policy for not extending the deadlines or any kind of accommodations. Therefore, it is in your best interest to clear the dues before time passes.


Dear parents, it is a gentle reminder to pay your kids’ fees within 7-working days so your children can continue sitting in the classroom. Thank you!

Pay your fee on time message to parent