Apology Message to Customer for Wrong Delivery


Dear customer, your satisfaction is our preference. We know that there’s been a huge misunderstanding on the dispatch of the wrong item. On behalf of the company, we apologize for the inconvenience caused. We’re sending you a return label for free so you can send the item back to us and we will deliver the correct order for you. Again, apologies requested.


As a loyal member of Toys-R US company, we understand it was quite frustrating for you to find out the toy you wanted was not what you got sent by us. We are extremely sorry! Because of the load of work, there’s been this misunderstanding of two orders out of which one was yours. Our employees take overtime to deliver the best services to you and we try our level best to provide you with exactly what you order every time. As you know this is the first time this mistake has happened, and we assure you it will not happen again.


Dear customer, we apologize from the bottom of our hearts for the wrong delivery. To make up for the time and frustration it caused you, we are giving you a free delivery option for your next order. Here’s the code: HAPPY SUN. We hope this cheers you up!


Respected Mr. Aris, please accept our sincere apologies for the incorrect delivery to your address. In these unprecedented times, our employees are working day and night to provide you with the best services. It so happens that a mistake is made once in a blue moon. Anyhow, we have started an inquiry for your complaint and will give you good news within 24 hours.


Dear customer#234, we are sorry for delivering the wrong item to your address. We have dispatched our rider to your location with the correct item and hope that you will exchange the items. For the inconvenience caused by us, we are also sending you a voucher worth $10. Have a great day!


Respected Miss Nepa, we understand that the wrong delivery to your address has only caused you discomfort. We also know that you are a loyal customer of our products. To make up for the mistake, we apologize sincerely. And we know this is not enough and we cannot afford to lose our loyal customers. Hence, we are giving you a flat 50% off on the item you ordered from us. Your account will be refunded within the next two days. Thank you!


Dear customer, as per company policy, we value every customer and try to keep them 100% satisfied. And if a mistake happens, we make sure we make up for that. So, we apologize for the wrong delivery by sending you the original product and a gift along with it. We are hoping to hear good reviews from you soon!


Respected Miss Anabelle, we are sorry to hear that a wrong order has been sent to your address. Our rider is on his way to collect it and provide you with the correct order as well as a ‘Stay Loyal’ card. This will give you a discount of 35% off the next items you buy from us. Cheers!

Apology Message to Customer for Wrong Delivery

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