Messages for Unsatisfied Customers


Dear valuable customer, I’m sorry to hear that the last time you contacted our company, you were put on hold for 15 minutes. This should’ve never happened. We will hold the rep accountable for his action. However, your satisfaction is our guarantee, so we have issued an e-gift card because of the frustration and time it caused you. Cheers!


Hey Miss Olivia! Thanks for your valuable feedback. I know it’s been 14 hours without an internet. We’re trying to fix the problem and you are our priority. The wires under the sea that provide internet in your area were bitten off, a very rare case, but we’ve been on it since the minute it happened. Hopefully it’s not too long when you’ll be getting your service all ready and quick.


Dear customer, I’m sorry on behalf of Jay Dot Company for your negative experience in store. We have fixed the problem and you won’t ever have to deal with it in the future. Customer satisfaction is always our top priority. Please let us know if you have any more concerns, questions, or comments. Thank you!


Good evening Mr. Chris. We understand your frustration regarding the products you received. As you said they were opened and cracked, this means it wasn’t done on our behalf rather the delivery system has a breach. However, we have contacted the delivery service and they will pay the price for your loss. I hope this makes you happy and keeps you a regular customer of ours as usual. Sending virtual hugs.


Thank you for being patient during the time of crisis Miss Olivia. We understand your frustration regarding the delay in your order. But please know that this wasn’t done intentionally. Because of the snowstorms across the country, half of the delivery services are down. Please bear with us as we’re in constant contact with Leopard Couriers and will let you know of any update asap.


Evening Mr. Oliver. We understand your disappointment from our unsatisfactory service from one of our employees. Please note that they’ve been given a warning on your behalf. Such ridiculous non serious behavior is unbearable within our company’s environment. We assure you that this problem will not occur again in the future.


Dear customer, we’re so sorry to hear about your bad experience at one of our firms. Our company assures that anyone who’s not satisfied, be given a free cold coffee. So please come to our branch as your satisfaction is our priority. Looking forward to our meeting. Thank you!


Valuable customer, we understand that you were not guaranteed by the products we sent you. As you know there’s a strict money-return policy if the customer is dissatisfied with our services. However, you seemed want to keep products and demand for a better experience. With that being said, we have issued a free voucher worth $15 until the end of this month. You can get anything off our website using the code given on the voucher. We hope these cheers you up!

Message for unsatisfied customer

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