Change of Address Message to Client


Dear sir, this message is to notify you about my change of residence. I have moved to a new apartment in the same building. My apartment number has now changed from Apt#124 to Apt#43 on the first floor. The rest of the address information is the same as before. Kindly note this slight difference in my residential address lest I miss an important mail. Thank you!


Dear sir, I hope you are doing well. This message is to inform you about the new place that I have moved to with my family. I will contact HR to see if they have changed my address since I asked them about two days ago. But in order to bring it to your attention as well, my new address is House #34, Old Oxford Road, Birmingham, UK.


Dear Mike, I am writing this message to inform you of the important change in my information that might affect the mail that I receive from you. I have moved to a new county and my address from today onwards is 4132, Hamilton County, Parkwood, California. Kindly send all the new mail and important documents to this address.


Respected sir, I hope you pay attention to this matter as important as it is. Apparently, I have moved to a new residential location on a date. My new address is 312, Brooklyn Street, Martha Avenue, Michigan. I would be obliged if you took this matter into your own hands asap and changed my address in your records so I may receive any sort of communication here and not my precious address. Thank you in advance.


Dear Miss Patterson, this message is to bring to your attention my new residential address. I’m happy to say that I have moved into my own home. One thing I’d like for you to do is kindly change my previous address 213 Old Hampton Road, Greensboro to 513 New Hampton Road, Chiguilles County, Durham. I hope to see an email from you confirming you have updated my address in your contact registry.


Dear Mr. Vandyke, I hope this message finds you in good health. This message is to inform you about my relocation. I have moved to a new place where I request you to kindly send all my mail. My new address is given below: 818- Foxton Road, Birmingham.


Respected Sir, I have emailed the company all my new information since I have moved to a different location with my family. But I didn’t hear back confirming that they’ve updated it in the system. So please have a look at my new address lest I miss out on important noticed and communication from you: 72, Moringue Road, New Hampshire.


Dear sir, I hope you are doing well. This message is to inform you about my change of address. I don’t want to miss out on any important mail from your company. Kindly note my new address so we both are satisfied.

Change of address message to client

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