Payment Reminder Text Messages


Dear Sidney Ralph, this message has been written to remind you of the overdue payment that was due on 16th March 20XX. Consider this message as a warning and return the due amount within two weeks. Otherwise, we will go to court for legal proceedings. Kindly don’t ignore this message and do something in this regard.


This message aims to bring to your notice the unpaid money you were supposed to pay to ABC Company on 13th November 20XX. I hope that the amount will soon be paid. The amount you have to pay is 2500 USD and all taxes and additional charges have been incorporated in the due amount. No extra charges have been added to it. If the amount has been paid by you and due to no system updating, we cannot see it then kindly let us know via the company’s official website or phone call or by visiting our office. In this way, we may be able to refurbish your account details. On the special plea of our worthy customers, we have come up with trouble-free payment plans. In case you are going through a financial crisis, we can assist you. We would be pleased to make it flexible for you with monthly installments. You will be given some months and in the given timeframe you will pay money. For guidelines and assistance, our representatives are available 24/7. Kindly take this message as a gentle reminder in case if you have overlooked it, you can pay us back. Looking forward to having a positive response from you!


I am Lydia Carton and writing this message to let you notify that despite our continuous reminders you have not given the payment yet. We remorse to bring to your notice that the only option left now is to take legal action to receive overdue payment. In case you have paid the amount and it has not been updated in our system then kindly contact our organization.


This is to let you notify that the due date for the overdue payment was 12th March. It’s November now and we have not been given any payment. As the given timeframe has been completed, so, you will pay additional charges now over the original amount. Every week these extra charges will be applied until the overdue amount is cleared off. For any queries, you can visit our accounts office.


Hello, this is Adelphia, assistant manager in ABC Enterprises. We have been on good terms with your organization on numerous projects and I am enchanted to know that our professional geniality has been living tremendously and thoroughly with great harmony and collaboration. I am writing this message to let you know of the due remittance outstanding to your organization since January 2017. Our company has signed the agreement with your company on 13th December 2016 in which there was provided out and out team counseling and consultancy. The payment is in debt was $800,234. On 15th November 20XX, you had paid $456,000 to the organization, and the rest of the payment was to be paid on 8th February 20XX. One and a half year has been passed and we have not received any payment from you and neither received any request letter nor notification to prolong the duration. Kindly discuss with us your payment plans and submit the rest of the amount before 25th January 2022 to avoid any embarrassment. You can also avail of our installment’s strategy and for this purpose, you can visit our office.


On 4th July we are collecting lease payments. Do not forget to pay the amount in due time. In case if you cannot afford to pay on time then we can provide extra time. You can talk over the matter by visiting our office or contacting us.


This message has been sent to remind you that the due date for rental payment is 12th November. Kindly make the payment in the given time. Any dereliction in remittance will not be advantageous to you.


This message is an aide-memoire to you that you have not paid your son’s tuition fee yet. You were supposed to pay it on 5th November. We will not allow your son to attend school until his fee has been paid.

Payment reminder text message

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