Appreciation Message to Boss for Financial Support


Dear Ms. Olivia Burdette, I don’t know what I did to deserve a boss like you. Your generosity came through for me at a time when my hands were tight. Thank you so much for the financial support you provided me with, I really appreciate your act of kindness. I Hope everyone gets a boss like you!


Dear Ms. Cynthia Duke, I was in dire need of money as I personally messaged you that a tree had fallen on my house during last week’s thunderstorm. Since I had no insurance at that moment, the destruction was a bit much to fix on my own. Thanks to your kind, generous and big heart for providing me financial aid. Because of you, my front porch which was damaged is now being fixed. I cannot thank God first and then you, for saving me at this time of devastation. You truly are an amazing leader!


Respected Mr. Carl G. Hensen, I have worked with your company for over a decade. Never have I ever felt like it wasn’t good enough for me. In fact, the feelings were quite the opposite as you happen to be the best boss of this company. You’re kind, compassionate, generous, and true to your words. Thanks so much for providing me with the financial help that I needed. Because of you, my son has finally gotten admission to one of the best universities in our city. I cannot wait until he grows up and gives you credit for his success.


Respected Mrs. Jenna Luke, your presence at the office truly feels like a genuine leader who motivates and encourages the people around her to become even better every day. On top of your amazing personality traits that fill the office environment with awe, one of the biggest traits we all are very thankful for is your generosity. You’ve always helped every one of us with whatever we need. Thank you for coming through with financial aid for me this time around as well. I highly appreciate your kindness.


Respected Ms. Julie Fishcher, you have always helped me through thick and thin. I will never be able to thank you enough for covering not just my medical bill at the hospital when I was on a ventilator but also for not counting my days off from work as pay-less days. Thanks for giving me the salary for this whole month even though I couldn’t make it to the office because of COVID. Thank you so much for being genuinely caring towards your employees. I hope this world sees more bosses like you.


Respected Mr. Crowell, you have given me encouragement and hope through your kind act of generosity. By providing me with financial aid, you’ve touched not just my heart but everyone at my house. We shall forever be thankful to you for your kindness. If you need any sort of dessert for a special occasion, know that my son has a business of it and he will happily provide you with as many boxes of sweets as you want. Thank you once again.

Appreciation message to boss for financial support

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