Employee Appreciation Day Messages


This message has been propounded as my appraisal note for you related to your outstanding rendition for the whole year. You made the enterprise able to attain its objectives and CEO was much obliged to you for bringing about your teammates in meeting site projects. In short, you are a valuable asset to the enterprise and your contribution will always be acknowledged. You have been short-listed for the best employee award of the year and I am hopeful that you will make it through by making us proud. We are all obliged to you for striving hard and contributing a lot to the company’s success.


This is an appreciation note on account of your remarkable efforts in advertising the company’s new products. You burnt like the midnight oil and worked off hours in editing manuals, enumeration, and catalogs that indicate your true heartedness and constancy with the company. I was greatly impressed with your managerial skills which deadened my worries as you postponed all ongoing projects and focused only on product marketing. We could not have got positive feedback on the product without your charismatic performance. Your name will always be included in the good books of the company.


This message is definitely going to surprise you a lot as you have been selected as an employee of the month. This note has been put forward keeping in view the exuberant and fascinating skills you executed as project manager. Your proficiency has made all of us dumbfounded. Before handling tasks under your supervision I had this fear that you are not fully prepared to do all this but you cleared all my doubts. no one could do this task better than you as your expertise in tackling hasty work pressure along with your coworkers was awe-inspiring. Everyone in the company is now well aware of your invisible aptitudes. The organization does not want to lose a jewel like you.


Please take this message as an appreciation note on account of Employee Appreciation Day for your brilliant presentation in executing tasks. You have proved a gem for us and I was mesmerized after looking through your tackling difficult matters without affecting work standards. You have earned great fame for the institute. I can still recall the time when we have been through big trouble and did not give our staff a month’s salary and you were the first who agreed with your coworkers to not leave the institute during this time. Our enterprise ranks amongst the top three enterprises in the city and it is only because of the sincere endeavors of hardworking employees like you. You will always be remembered with good words.


The aim of penning down this message is to express an admiration note for you on account of Employee Appreciation Day because of your captivated rendition. Mr. Smith, CEO of ABC Organization appraised you a lot about the way you organized the meeting. You were given such a short time for the presentation but you elaborated on each and every concept minutely and gathered everyone’s appreciation. You have earned a great reputation in such a short time and now you are everyone’s favorite. Your incredible performance has enabled the organization to regain its old position and its positive picture has appeared on the screen. Sending your way an appraisal card and some gifts.


I am writing this message to appreciate and compliment you for your monumental triumph. With your hard work, you have attained magnificent results and I am really indebted to you that you are part of our organization. The company was so much in need of enthusiastic employees like you who are ready to accept any challenge to procure success for the company. We had been looking for a long to bring an end to the current project but the way you stepped in and transcended our presumptions is remarkable. Please accept this token of appreciation and continue to make us proud.


Dear Steward, I am really thankful to you for the thought-provoking recommendations you provided in arranging a seminar for the big head of the company. You tried your level best to arrange material for the guest speakers and serve them potation. Everything was perfectly manageable and you won everyone’s hearts. I can proudly say that you belong to us. The company will always remain indebted to you for your valuable services.

Employee appreciation day message

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