Appreciation Message for Financial Support for Burial

Dear Mr. Johnson, thank you for coming to my grandmother’s funeral. I respect the fact that our grandmothers were good friends and you cared for them both equally. My feelings were likewise. Thank you so much for coming to the funeral and dividing the bill in half. Means a lot to me.

Respected Miss Davis, thanks so much for the financial support for the burial of my grandfather. Your big amount of financial aid helped feed everyone that came to the funeral including the overseas family. I couldn’t have done it without you. My and my whole family is in awe of your empathetic nature.

Hello Mrs. Duke. This is Linda Murphy messaging to thank you for the financial support of our beloved son’s funeral. I apologize for thanking you after such a long time but as you know this tragic event had left me traumatized for months so I couldn’t appreciate everyone especially you, who came through for me during this time. I pray no one has to go through this like me. Your financial aid helped in the burial process while I was still looking for someone to ask for help from. Thank you for being an angel in disguise.

Hi Miss Rhonda. Thanks for coming to the funeral of my uncle. It was such a tragedy he passed away on a ventilator with no one allowed to come near him. On top of that, as you know he’s got 6 children of his own all under the age of 10. He left a struggling wife. When I contacted you and you were willing to help us with the funeral processions, burial process as well as other basic needs, I cannot tell you the joy that the whole family felt. I am very much content and satisfied to be working alongside you. Thank you so much for me and my uncle’s family. This is a kind of favor we will always remember and applaud you for.

Hi Mrs. Steve Parker, I’m writing this message to personally thank you for the wonderful act of kindness you’ve shown me. Not just today but whenever I needed your help you were always by my side as a true friend. Today, I want to thank you especially for the help in the burial process of my aunt. It wouldn’t have been possible without you! Thinking of you and praying for your best future.

Dear Mr. Duke Collins, I’m writing on behalf of the whole family of Mr. Johnson Bay. We would like to personally thank you for taking care of the whole funeral along with the burial process. It went smoother than expected all because of you. And we wish nothing but blessings, prosperity, love, and lifelong joys for you. Please allow us to thank you in person by inviting you over for dinner tomorrow.

Respected sir, thank you for letting us take our time during these heavy moments of ours. Our loved one was taken away, but your responsibility for the burial process made half our worries go away. So, thank you for sticking by us and for us.

Appreciation Message for Financial Support for Burial

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