Three Hours Leave Permission Message to Boss


Dear John, I have to leave the office for three hours on an emergency basis. I applied for a Ph.D. scholarship at a local university and today is my interview. I will need three hours’ leave from the office to partake in the interview and return to work. I will make this time up by committing three extra hours tomorrow. I’ll appreciate it if you understand.


Dear Mike, I just received a call from my family informing me that my mother-in-law’s health condition deteriorated out of nowhere. She seems to have had a minor heart attack. My family really needs me right now and I need to attend to my mother-in-law in hospital as there is no other man available in the family right now. I’d really appreciate it if you could give me permission to leave for only three hours.


Dear Roxana, I am writing this message to request three hours’ leave from work. Thing is, I have started to feel drowsy and sick in my stomach because of a fever. I am unable to perform well in the office right now. If I get this three-hour leave, I will take medicine and a quick nap to return to work fully robust. I understand it sounds bizarre, but I’d really appreciate it if you could allow it to me, so tomorrow’s productivity isn’t disrupted.


Dear Ma’am, I am writing this message to you to formally take your permission for three hours’ leave from work. I have had food poisoning for the last couple of days which is really getting into my head now. I am feeling all dizzy and frizzy. I cannot make sense of work as well. Please give me a three-hour break so I could take some rest and have my medical checkup done too. I’d be grateful to you.


Dear Jonathan, I was busy amidst my work when I received a call from the hospital my mother was admitted informing me of her deteriorating condition. I have to run to her to provide the doctors with assistance with her paperwork and stuff. Please allow me three hours’ leave from work. I shall be back right after three hours. I promise you I will make up today’s work tomorrow and when I return. I’ll be obliged for this act of kindness.


Dear Sir, I just received a call from my son’s school saying my son has been involved in a fight and the principal called me into her office. I really need to leave now or else they will suspend my son. I will be back in three hours. Please permit me three hours’ leave today so I could solve this problem. I’d really appreciate it. I assure you I will complete the leftover work today when I return or commit extra hours tomorrow.

Three hours leave permission message to boss

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