Goodbye Messages to Colleague Leaving


Hey Erick, congrats on your new job buddy! I can’t believe we won’t be able to celebrate our 4-year work anniversary this year. But I’m happy that you got promoted to your new job as an assistant manager. I hope you make new friends but don’t forget your oldies! Have a blast on your first day of work!


Woohoo!! You’re finally the official H.O.D of the new company you applied for! Congratulations on your new job as the head of the department as you always talked about wanting to become! I wish you nothing but all the best for your upcoming adventures. May you thrive and succeed better than ever!


Dear Richard, it was such an honorable time with you at work. Even though I’m your senior, I learned a lot from you. Your excellence and efficiency in work are to be applauded. Best of luck with your future! I hope you’ll always remember and cherish our memories together as I will.


Dear Miss McKenna, I’m pleased to hear about your new job. However, we’re deeply saddened by one of our best employees leaving us. We are truly thankful to you for your great contribution to our company. We will always remember you in our warm thoughts, virtual hugs, and amazing memories.


Hello Mr. David, I’m glad to find out about your new job. Your new workers are lucky to have you on board with them. We are all very grateful to you for your efforts, support, and goodwill towards the company. I look forward to staying in touch with you. Farewell, my dear brother-like colleague.


Hey Miss Rhonda! So happy to hear about your new job. I hope you tell us all about it soon. I’m looking forward to seeing and hearing from you soon. Have a blast at your new work!


Dear Mrs. Johnson, I’m glad you’ve found your dream job. I hope this gets you wherever you planned it for in life ahead. I wish you nothing but success and well wishes for your future. Good luck and have an amazing life ahead! Don’t forget to send me pictures of your new cabinet. I heard they have it cozier there.


Hi Mr. Dave, I hope you’re well. Time passed by so quickly and now your internship has come to an end. I will forever cherish the memories made with you. I’ll really miss your sense of humor in everything along with the wisdom that comes naturally. It’s rare to find someone like you! I hope the next place you go to, cherishes you as you deserve.


Good afternoon, Olivia. I cannot believe this is your last day of work here today. I wish we had more time together as I really like your company. I’d love for us to meet outside of work today to continue our friendship. Your infectious laughter, hilarious jokes, and amazing ability under pressure are surely admired by everyone here. I hope the next place you work with, shows you great love and care, too.

Goodbye Messages to Colleague Leaving

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