Marriage Leave Message to Boss


Dear boss, this is Savannah Burdette. I’m messaging to inform you about my wedding the day after tomorrow. Although I already took leave for two weeks as you know the H.R sent me a notice to come to work asap. Please know that I’m off from work for a good amount of time, will be joining back asap. Kindly, note that down so the workplace doesn’t create havoc.


Respected Mr. Oliver James, I am messaging to let you know that I won’t be coming to work today and tomorrow. I forgot to mention earlier but my cousin’s wedding is taking place hence why it was unknown prior to this morning. Kindly grant me a leave for two days. I shall be forever grateful to you.


Good morning, sir! I’m sending this message to you in a great rush as my brother is getting married and I’ve got loads of work piled up. There’s no one else that can take my place in certain chores and responsibilities. I cannot come to work today for this very reason. Kindly grant me leave for today.


Good afternoon, Miss Olivia. I hope you’re well and remember that I’m getting married tomorrow hence why I won’t be able to come to work for at least 4 days. I already submitted my application for this number of days. I hope you have a look at that application and grant me leave. I’ll be awaiting your presence at the wedding, too.


Respected madam. This is Savannah Smith from the Educational unit at your firm. I reckon you’ve received my email two days ago that I will not be coming today due to a friend’s wedding. I hope to come back and make up for the missing work asap. Thank you!


Good afternoon Mr. VanDyke. I am Olivia Burdette messaging to inform you that my friend is getting married today on an urgent notice to close friends and family. This was a surprise arrangement hence why I couldn’t inform you yesterday. I’m on my way to her wedding as she’s my childhood friend and I cannot afford to not be there on her special day. Please allow me to take the day off today. I promise to come back on time tomorrow and cope with today’s missing work. Regards.


Mr. Smith Akon, I hope you’re well. This is Linda Mercury from the H.R department. I want to inform you that I’m going out of town, currently on the way to one of my friend’s weddings that I totally forgot about. Hence why I couldn’t send you to notice about the leave beforehand. Please excuse my urgent notice today and kindly grant me leave for today only. I shall be back by the night and try to work on my laptop for the task that was due today. You’ll receive it by the morning when I come to the office.


Respected ma’am, I cannot come to work today as my cousin is getting married. Please excuse me for informing you on such short notice and suddenly taking a leave today. I have talked to the H.R and they’ll be arranging someone else in my place for today. Thanking you in advance. See you tomorrow!

Marriage Leave Message to Boss

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