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Hello Jane, hope you have been doing well. I am leaving our ‘shining pearls’ group on WhatsApp because of the unnecessary messages. I have joined just few groups related to my study. I admit that to some extent it was beneficial, but I cannot be a part of it now. I am really sorry for leaving it but it has a solid reason behind. I am sorry in advance if I have ever been the reason of wrongs done in the group to any member. I wish good luck to all of you and rest of the group members.


Hope you find my message in good health. I was thinking for long to leave our school friends group as I have seen no active member for the past six months. Despite my continuous messages no one responded, and it really made me feel sad. There is no use of being in the group now as all are busy in their life. For this reason, I do not want to be a member of this group anymore. I hope you will not mind it.


I am writing this message with heavy heart as I am leaving ‘Cousins forever’ group. I really got disturbed with last night fighting of Andrew and Jackson. They exaggerated things so much that I do not consider myself able to be a part of this group. We could settle the argument by talking leniently but no one was agreed to listen to each other. When you made this group, I was happy that it will last forever but people started showing their true colors. I remained so much disturbed the whole night. Now, I have made resolute decision to exit the group. I hope you will not mind it and will understand what I am saying. Wishing you all best of luck for your group to be progressed and remain forever.


Dear Alexander, it was so nice of you that you took initiative of making informative group related to studies. It was supposed to be full of study related messages, but I did not find a single message related to study in the group. Everyone shares their hang out pictures and selfies in the group. You had warned them to not send this kind of stuff, but no one listened to it. I am a person who does not have time to indulge myself in useless activities. I had joined this group to gain knowledge, but all went in vain. I no longer can become the part of group; therefore, I am leaving it. It sounds harsh but I must say that do not add me in any of your group from next.


Friends come and go but real friends always leave an everlasting impact in our mind. I was very happy to be the part of your WhatsApp group, but I am removing myself from the group for some obvious reasons. I have got married recently and my husband wants me to give maximum time to him. Each time I use phone and open WhatsApp it is loaded with hundreds of messages, and it requires free time to answer each text. I need some time to adjust in married life. I cannot respond each text; therefore, I am leaving it. You are my true friend and I have special for you in my heart. I do not think that leaving WhatsApp group will affect our friendship. I will contact you by myself once I get adjust. I apologize in advance if I have ever remained harsh.


Dear Harold, how the things have been going around you? I am writing this message to seek apology from you in advance for leaving WhatsApp group. First, I am sorry for doing this. The reason for this is that I was noticing some unusual activities for the past few days, but no one noticed it. You must make strict policies for group members and must not have allowed them to share irrelevant stuff in the group. Mr. Axial and some other group members’ messages were annoying me a lot. Upon asking I was getting insulted in front of all group members. I cannot bear this attitude as everyone has self-respect. Therefore, I am leaving the group. Hope you will understand me.


This message is being written to ask for apology on leaving WhatsApp group. I am not much phone addicted and use it only in time of need. I love to spend most of the time with my family. You have added me in ‘Brands Clothing’ group two three times and each time I left it. I was of the view that you will get to know about my intentions but again you added me in the same group. I want to let you know that I am not interested in joining any group as it loads my phone gallery with hundreds of pictures. I know it seems rude, but I had no other choice than to write you personally. Wishing you best of luck for your business.

WhatsApp group leaving message

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