Theft Incident Report Message to Boss

Morning sir, I’m messaging to remind you to please have a check at the application I sent out yesterday. My wallet was stolen during the office break time hour from 1:30 pm to 2:30 pm. I always keep my wallet in the drawer to which only I have the key. I’m very concerned about this theft incident that has left me shaken from the day before yesterday. As the wallet had at least $450 in cash as well as my credit card, debit card, driver’s license, and other personal cards and info. Kindly, take this matter into your own hands and help me find my wallet if not the criminal behind this.

Good afternoon boss. This is Olivia Murphy messaging to inform you that it’s been approximately 5 hours since I’m in search of my laptop that has been missing since this morning. I haven’t been able to work at all as you know all the sensitive information including your locker codes and desktop password is stored in it. Please grant me the pass to head towards the security office and ask them for the footage of today. Clearly, I brought in my laptop this morning, placed it on my desk along with the screen but only went out for a 30-minute lunch and washroom break. Thank you!

Sir, it is my humble request that please have a look at my theft incident and take the matter into your own hands. My car keys, wallet, and laptop, three have been missing from my cell block ever since I came back from our meeting. Kindly find me my items before the office closes.

Good afternoon Mr. David. Please consider this message an SOS as my salary cheque is missing from the locker. After receiving it I put it in the locker but unfortunately, I forgot to take the keys out as I received an emergency call from you. I rushed towards your office forgetting my cheque. Now it’s missing and I’m truly devastated. I’m not blaming the office employees or the workers here, but ever since the new 2 janitors were hired by the H.R, there’ve been many such little incidents. Please tell me what to do and help me get my salary back. My whole life depends on that cheque, you know it already. Thanks in advance.

Respected sir, I’m messaging you with deep regret and sadness that the important files you handed me today with the new vault codes are missing from my office. No one besides the new janitor has access to my room, as of what I know. Kindly take him under investigation as soon as you see this message. I’m heading towards the security office to check the security tapes. Please leave everything aside and immediately take this matter into your own hands until it’s resolved. It’s a matter of our integrity and safety.

Dear sir, I hope you’re in good health. It has come to my attention that so many little important products that you gave me are missing from the workplace. The fact that not only mine but to every employee of this company that you have those products too are reporting the same thing. It’s been a week and we have no clue how and why this is happening. Kindly hire someone at this job to find out the criminal hands behind this act of stupidity. It’s causing a little havoc in the office. Thank you in advance.

Theft incident report message to boss

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